About Us

Welcome to our adventure! We are full-time RV travelers since May 2016.

We live in an RV, which gives us about 320 square feet of home on the road. Our space belongs to a box turtle, a cat and two rambunctious dogs–we’re really just borrowing from them!

Topics We Explore

  • We’re entrepeneurs-in-progress because the more freedom to go out there and explore on our own terms, the better! You can watch our progress and maybe learn a thing or two yourself about making money online.
  • If you want to know how to travel on a budget, we’re doing it right now! We own our own home (on wheels), and we spend less every month than we did when we did stuck in one place.
  • We also love food and we’re both on plant-based diets. You can find recipes, reviews of restaurants, and info about traveling with special dietary needs.
  • We also do lots of DIY projects on the motorhome and try to do our own repairs as much as possible.
  • When we park somewhere, we get around by foot or on bicycles, because we decided to get rid of our car before we left. It’s great exercise and we don’t miss having a car at all.

Our Family

I’m Maya. I work from in a healthcare administrative position. I love to develop recipes, spend time in nature, paint and hang out with Ryan and the pets. After being a vegetarian for nearly 30 years I decided to become vegan. On top of that I’m gluten-free; hence all the recipe-making. I’m also one of the few women RVers I’ve found who does at least half the driving.

I grew up traveling. Born in California, before the age of ten I’d already traveled to the Philippines and the east coast to visit family, to Mexico, and from Lake Tahoe/Reno down through southern California. By age 20 I had added trips to the southwest, more trips to the east coast, Seattle and two Canadian provinces to the list.

I’ve always wanted to travel full-time and after 5 years together, I convinced Ryan we should buy an RV! We went through the process of downsizing and selling or giving away our stuff. We saved a bunch of money by living in our RV in the same RV park for many years. And when the time was right, we jumped in with both feet and hit the road permanently.

Ryan is the man of the house and my hero! He is one of the kindest, funniest people you will ever meet. Ryan keeps all our projects going and the RV running. He provides comic relief and energy and support. And he’ll never admit it, but he’s genius-level smart. Ryan also became vegan after spending his entire life eating meat, dairy and eggs as his 3 primary food groups.

Mack and Tahoe, or “the boys” are our 10 year-old dogs, brothers from a different mother (and father). Mack is an English Bulldog and Tahoe is a Labrador Retriever. If you’ve seen the movie “Twins” then you pretty much know their personalities.

Mickey is our 15 year-old tabby. She was born feral and adopted Maya as a kitten. She doesn’t like strangers up close, but loves spending time watching them from the dashboard, which is her kingdom

Rocky the box turtle is our oldest child. Actually, he’s Maya’s age and they’ve been together for nearly 3 decades. He loves bananas, warm baths and asking for more bananas.

The RV

We travel in a 35 foot, 1999 Fleetwood Bounder 34V. We bought it for super cheap, but it needed some work. The hard parts are done, now we’re just making it feel more like home. When we leave our base camp, we travel on our road bikes for exercise or our electric bikes for leisure or errands.

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