Here's our April 2017 extra income report. We discuss income sources, how to find and make extra income and how to pay off debt.

April 2017 Extra Income Report and Student Loan Update

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I know, I know. I’m so behind. It’s been a challenge lately. I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks. But I’m getting caught up. Here’s our extra income report for April 2017.

April 2017 was a slow month for selling off our excess stuff. If you compare it to previous months, like March 2017, we didn’t do much that was exciting. We moved around so much in April. But we also worked really hard on the book business, and you’ll see the fruits of our labor in the May 2017 income report.

For those of you new to the reports, we are developing multiple income streams. I have a full-time job that I work remotely. It provides benefits for us both and the ability to move around the country as we please. Which is great, but still puts limitations on us because it means I must be available and online during certain hours, Monday through Friday. So we are working on replacing my income with side hustles that will eventually become all our income.

I also include any items that we sell. Twice now we offered to give away things for free and received money from people who insisted they couldn’t take the items for free. Other times we put things up for sale. I consider this income because it’s money we didn’t have before, and empties out our cargo bays.

Now I’ll get down to business.

April 2017 Extra Income Report

Here's our April 2017 extra income report. We discuss income sources, how to find and make extra income and how to pay off debt.

April 2017 Extra Income Report

  • $11
  • Amazon Associates: $4.91
  • Amazon Seller: $114.49

Total Extra Income for April 2017: $120.40

If you missed it, please visit the post about how to make money shopping to find out more about Ebates. But the short story is I spent $20 and got 5% cash back deposited into my PayPal Account. For making my first purchase, they also sent me a $10 gift card in the mail.

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program where you refer people to the Amazon website and receive a fee if a purchase is made. To get an idea of the types of products I recommend, visit our RV Products Store and Tiny Kitchen Products Store.

I learned everything I know about being an affiliate marketer (not just for Amazon) from a great course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. The course creator is a 28 year-old RVer who makes all her income through her blog. Last year, she made nearly $1 million dollars, $50,000 per month of which is from affiliate marketing.

My Amazon Seller account is for our used book business through Amazon FBA. April 2017 was our first month of selling used books on Amazon. We made our first sale within 24 hours of activating our first listing, and went on to sell hundreds of dollars of books since then! To learn more about our used book business, start with this post and go from there.

All of these income sources are works in progress, but also very new. I opened my Ebates account in April 2017. I opened the Amazon Associates account about six months ago but have done very little promotion. As I mentioned, we officially activated our first listing in Amazon FBA in April.

So it is entirely possible to start making money right away with multiple income streams. It may not be a lot at first, but you can easily build on it. These are all also things that it’s very simple to do part-time while still holding a full-time job. I work on them while blogging about it also!

However, I know that not everyone wants to run their own business or worry about multiple income streams. Coming up soon, I’m going to talk about other ways to make income with remote work (jobs you can do outside of an office). I’ll go into the jobs I’ve done (and am doing) remotely and how you can find more like them that may fit with your skill set.

Student Loan Update

For new readers, in January of this year I decided to make paying off my student loans my #1 financial priority.

In our first 10 months of full-time travel, I paid off $8500 in student loans, but it wasn’t going fast enough for me. So I developed a debt repayment system that works for me and my budget. You can find the spreadsheet I use in this post.

In March, I used our tax refund to pay off the rest of one of my 3 student loans. In April 2017 , I put another $2100 in extra payments toward debt, and as of the beginning of May I had a remaining balance of just $13,945.82. This is down from $21,175.46 in January! So in just 4 months I already paid off over $7000.

Yes, I make good money so I can put a lot toward these loans. But this is our only debt, and using the plan I made for myself we will be debt-free by the end of the year, right on schedule. As I said before, it doesn’t matter how much money you make and how little you put aside. You can get rid of your debt, which will only give you more freedom to travel. Just cut down non-essential spending as much as possible, and keep your goal in mind before making any purchase.



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