At the end of February we finally meandered into Georgia. We had a mid-March wedding to attend, and we arrived a little early to settle in.

An Augusta Wedding, Military Camping and Savannah, Georgia on St. Patrick’s Day

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At the end of February we finally meandered into Georgia. We had a mid-March wedding to attend, and we arrived a little early to settle in.

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At the end of February we finally meandered into Georgia. We had a mid-March wedding to attend, and we arrived a little early to settle in.

Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is the third-largest city in Georgia, situated along the Savannah River. The Savannah River marks the eastern border to South Carolina as well.

During our stay we visited the Augusta Riverwalk, which is in one of the downtown historic districts. There are many brick buildings in that area; some are newer, and some from the Civil War Era.

The Riverwalk has an outdoor pavilion facing the water. You can see North Augusta, South Carolina and some waterfront properties on the other side of the river.


Camping in military style in Georgia

Our friends are both in the Navy, and were kind enough to sponsor our stay at a local military campground called Pointes West Military Resort. Military campgrounds are only open to active duty and retired military and those they sponsor. The military member has to make the reservation for you, and then the sponsored person can pay for the reservation when they check in. It was only $20 per night for a full-hookup campsite on the lake. The campground connects to Fort Gordon and is only about 30 minutes from Augusta.

They also allow tent camping and have cabin rentals. They have an event center, picnic areas, playground and marina. There is a swimming beach open seasonally. You can even rent camping equipment from the office, and they have a library there (which I took advantage of!).

Here are views from our campsite. We were at the end of a peninsula so no other campers blocked our water view.


The campground has nice, paved roads. We took our bikes around several times and I took some long walks with Tahoe. There was a large picnic table and I was able to do some painting outside. It was wonderful!

Georgia wedding

My friend and her husband were already married long before this wedding. They met when they were stationed together on a ship overseas and started dating. When that tour was over, the orders sent my friend to Bahrain and her boyfriend to Augusta. So he proposed, and they got married quickly at a small chapel during a short leave, which would increase chances of them being stationed together.

After a year in Bahrain my friend was assigned to a position in Augusta and therefore be with her husband. They finally had the wedding and reception they wanted on their 2nd anniversary.

The event took place at the Enterprise Mill. The set of historic brick buildings started life as a flour mill in 1848. The ceremony was in an outdoor courtyard.


They had a photo booth with props at the reception. Ryan and I had too much fun being silly for the camera!

Wildwood Park in Appling, Georgia

After our stay at Pointes West we decided to extend our visit to Augusta for a few more days, so we moved down the road to Wildwood Park. This is a county park with campground, situated on a different part of Thurmond Lake/Clarks Hill Lake. This is the same lake we saw from Pointes West, just a different viewpoint.

Wildwood Park has water and electric hookups for $20 per night with a dump station on-site. They also offer tent camping, disc golf, boat ramps, beach and picnic areas. Unfortunately it started raining the night of our friends’ wedding (after the ceremony ended, thankfully)! and continued raining for the next several days. It also got down into the 30s. So we didn’t get to explore the park much, but we did get a lovely view from our bedroom window.


Starting a business in Georgia

We had a great time in Augusta. By the time we reached it I was pretty exhausted and burnt out. I’d been working, we traveled 50-100 miles per day, and I still had the blog. On top of that, I was heavily researching an income idea that I really liked. But I was so tired that I told Ryan we would work on it after the wedding so we could recuperate first.

We actually ended up starting it the morning of the wedding. It was a long process, and I’ll give you all the details in its own post. But we already made some money, within a few days of being officially open for business! It’s something Ryan and I both really like and we think it is a good option even if you’re travelling. Maybe especially if you’re travelling! Just know that it requires minimal start-up costs, and if done right can take very little space. But more about that later.

Target practice

Our friends are both career military and excellent markspersons, as is required by their jobs of course. They also love to shoot, so they took us to a local range. Ryan fired a gun many times before but this was my first time.

The first gun I tried was a rifle. It was pretty fun. There was almost no kickback and I could aim it well enough to hit the target. The second rifle had Ryan laughing, because when I fired it scooted me back several inches on the bench! That one was too powerful for me. For some reason (probably because I know nothing about guns), I thought handguns were easier to shoot. I was wrong.

Maybe because we had tripods for the rifles, I don’t know. But holding your arms steady and trying to aim while dealing with the kickback of a handgun is crazy.

Savannah, Georgia

The trip to Augusta marked the end of our 2500-mile cross country journey. Once the wedding was over, I was quite sick and tired of being cold. It was cold starting in Alabama. We had a few good days in Augusta but then it started getting really cold and rainy. We no longer had any geographical commitments or deadlines. So I voted for us going south, and Savannah was one of our stops.

When travelling like we do, it’s easy to forget when the holidays are. What we didn’t realize was St. Patrick’s Day was coming up, and it is a HUGE deal in Savannah. A local told us they have the 3rd or 4th largest parade in the U.S. We had a spot at the Savannah Visitor’s Center all planned out to stay. For a small fee they have overnight RV parking in the heart of downtown.

We drove into Savannah on the 16th and found the parking fee went waaayyy up and they were fully booked anyway. So we stayed at WalMart overnight and had a perfectly nice view and some quiet.


To me, Savannah landscape and architecture represents the iconic southern style that comes to mind when I think of the south. There is classical architecture, and of course the majestic trees covered in Spanish Moss.


St. Patrick’s Day

We walked around downtown, but it was after the parade was over. I was working during the parade (not too disappointed, because I think it was probably a madhouse out there). But here’s some of the aftermath:


Right outside of the downtown area we saw a curious sight. A massive oak tree on someone’s property fell over during Hurricane David in 1979, but the owners decided to save the tree because it was still living. They put steel beams under the tree to help hold it up, and it now creates a beautiful archway over the driveway:


Amazingly, those three tree limbs you see grew after the tree fell over and are reaching toward the ground (not skywards toward the sun as you would expect). The tree knew it needed support.

The homeowners are still able to drive a car underneath the tree and use their driveway. The tree is estimated to be 200-300 years old and still growing. It is carefully tended to by the owner and an arborist. Here is a newspaper article about the tree and its current caretaker. I love reading stories like this!

You are just about caught up to our present happenings now. I don’t know about you, but I sure feel better not being so far behind!


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  1. Georgia looks beautiful. I’ve always been curious about it. Sorry the cold shortened your stay. I loved the newspaper article about the fallen tree. It’s good to hear about people who understand that trees are living things.

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