Becoming the body I want to be

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So this post is a basic introduction of things to follow. I will be posting on what I’m doing as far as exercise and the types of foods I’m eating and when I’m eating them. I will be including measurements of where I am currently and measurements along the way. I will also be taking pictures to hopefully show visual changes. I hope anyone reading this can be motivated to follow along and try to get started in exercising and eating better. I will be using free weights to strength train and a road bike for cardio.

I am currently at 158 pounds. I have done a few different body fat tests with varying results. This seems to be the case with these kinds of test unless you do one of the fancy ones. I am going to include the numbers from the tests, but not try and focus too heavily on the numbers. So I had 3 recent tests done and one before I started losing a bunch of weight. My first test was done with calipers and was before my weight loss with a body fat percent at about 15%. The 3 recent tests were done after I had lost weight. One was done using a stand on scale measuring current through your body and came back at 10.2%. Another was done with a hand held unit measuring current through your body and came back at 12.6%. The last test was done using a stand on scale and also a hand held measuring system that came back with a result of 15.9%.

The last test was done at a place called complete nutrition. The test not only gives you a body fat percentage, but it gives you info on how your muscles are developed in your body and your basal metabolic rate or calories needed just to sustain life at rest. They also provide the test for free and only takes a few minutes. Ideally I would like to get my body fat percentage down to about 8% while putting on muscle mass, but with the inaccuracy of results I will mainly focus on measurements of muscles to keep me on track.

Measurements currently are(measurements from about 1 ½ weeks ago): right bicep-12”, left bicep-12.25”, right forearm-11.25”, left forearm-11.16”, neck- 16.25”, chest-39”, waist-34”, right thigh-22”, left thigh-22”, right calf-15”, left calf-15”. These measurements were done by my wife Maya and I will be having her do all the measurement to keep consistency for reliable data.

So for the first few weeks I have been just working at getting back into exercising again as the whole month of May I really didn’t workout being that most of my time was spent finishing up the RV before we left and studying for final and then taking them. I’ve been on about 4 rides of around 20 to 30 miles each and a few 10 mile rides. I’ve also done about 6 strength training workouts of about 30 to 45 minutes each.

The next post I do will be on what I eat in a day and the exercises that I’m doing. Pictures and updated measurements will be in a post next week.

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