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Birds at Abilene Zoo in Abilene, Texas

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As we continued our trek through West Texas, we made a stop in Abilene. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we decided to visit the Abilene Zoo, also known as the Abilene Zoological Gardens or Abilene Zoological Park. While we went inside, Mickey had a nice snooze in the sun on the dashboard.

abilene zoo

Visiting the Abilene Zoo

The Abilene Zoo is inside Nelson Park. Entrance to Nelson Park is free, and parking for the zoo is also free. We had a slight bit of trouble finding the entrance. Google maps instructed us to turn down a road that was not really a road. However, we made it inside the park safely after having to double back. Just something to watch out for if you decide to visit and Google decides to go all crazy on you. Where you think is the entrance, is actually the entrance. Ignore Google.

Admission is usually $7 per adult, but we happened to be there on a “$2 Tuesday” so we both gained entrance for only $4!

This zoo has over 1000 animals. I took lots of pictures and video, but it would be very longĀ if I put it all in one video (and it would be a long post). So for today’s blog I am focusing on birds.

abilene zoo

The American Bittern is a type of heron native to the United States and Canada.

The park has birds all over, but they are definitely the first thing you see when you enter. There is a pond area full of ducks, geese, and flamingos, as seen in the picture at the top of this post.

Additionally, there is a section full of animals native to Texas, including the American Bittern (above) and the Ruddy Duck (below).

abilene zoo

The male Ruddy Duck is quite the romancer! According to allaboutbirds.org, “They court females by beating their bill against their neck hard enough to create a swirl of bubbles in the water.”

You can also find birds in the Caribbean Cove, Africa, South America, Wetlands of the Americas sections and the Bird Gardens. The beauty below is from the Africa section.

abilene zoo

Kori Bustards are native to East and South Africa. They are known as Africa’s heaviest bird. The males can weigh over 40 pounds and stand 54″ tall.

I also like that the zoo has a section where injured birds rehabilitate. If they recover enough, they release the birds back into the wild. If not, they can live their lives under the protection of the zoo.

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abilene zoo

I leave you now with a video of even more birds at the Abilene Zoo. In future posts I will overview the mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

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