Living within your means while travelling

We’ve lived a life of travel for almost a year now. A lot of things changed in the past year, but one thing we always do is have a budget. It’s very possible to fully enjoy life while still having a budget. So today I’d like to talk about living within your means while travelling.

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Supplies needed to prepare used books for sale and where to find them

Welcome to the next installment in my used book business series. To recap, we first talked about how to make money selling used books where I outlined the methods you can use to sell used books, and why I chose Amazon FBA. The next post talked about how to start a used book business online including how to set up your Amazon Seller account, how to find books for the best prices, which free app to use to decide if a book is worth buying, and how to use the app. Now, we’re going to assume you already purchased books, and now have to get them ready to sell. The books must be prepared for sale, and these are the tools you need to do it.

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How to start a used book business online

In this post, I will go through the steps I took to get our used business started and the basic supplies you will need right from the beginning. I will also give you tips on how we find books for cheap, including just a few pennies per book and even free! Keep reading to find out how to start a used book business online as an Amazon FBA seller.

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The RV lifestyle: Is it right for you?

I knew for a long, long time that I wanted to live the RV lifestyle. If I try to think back, I can’t even pinpoint the first time I realized it. But maybe you’re looking for something different for yourself, and considering RVing. How do you know it’s right for you?

Well for starters, how would you like the opportunity to own your home outright, but still move when you please? To save money on utility bills? Never have to worry about one of those awful supplemental property tax statements coming in the mail again? Or go on vacation but sleep in your own bed every night? And no worries about choosing which clothes to bring when you go on a trip–your entire wardrobe is always with you.

How about living in some of the most expensive places in the country for pennies on the dollar? We lived in a suburb of San Francisco on less than $2000 per month, in a debt-free home that belonged to us. And we didn’t have to share it with six people to afford it!

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How to Make Money Selling Used Books

I’m so happy to share this simple method for an online business! Please read further to find out how to make money selling used books.

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