Day 1 of the October challenge

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Okay well the first day of the October challenge is almost done. I hope everyone was able to get in some go exercise today to start off the month right. I logged in 17 miles on my road bike and racked up 160 push ups. Not a bad first day, plus once I finish this post I am going to get in 10 minutes of planking. I had planned to also get in a few miles running, but the back of my knee was a little sore and didn’t want to push it. I plan to get a run in tomorrow.

For those who weren’t able to exercise today I hope you can get something in tomorrow. For those who didn’t take up the October challenge it’s not to late to put a challenge together and start or continue a path to health and fitness. Good luck to you all and feel here to leave comments on what you are doing and hopefully we can motivate each other to succeed.

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