DeSoto Caverns in Childersburg, Alabama

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When you drive across state borders, there are often Welcome Centers along major highways. They have people who can help you with attractions to see and places to stay. When we stopped at the Alabama Welcome Center, we saw an ad for the DeSoto Caverns and knew we wanted to go.

Travelling around Alabama we saw a lot of fun lawn art, like this:


In front of someone’s house. No idea why. Just had to share.

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We saw an ad for the DeSoto Caverns in Alabama and knew we wanted to go. They have cavern tours, an amusement park and campground.


DeSoto Caverns in Alabama

Childersburg is about 40 miles southeast of Birmingham, Alabama. DeSoto Caverns is fun because it’s the caverns, with tours, an amusement park and a campground. One-stop shopping!

RV campsites are $29.99 and $34.99 per night for 30 and 50-amp hookups, respectively. They also have primitive (tent) campsites for $21.99. There is access to bathrooms with showers and laundry. We stayed for one night and had the place almost completely to ourselves.

We chose to buy “Adventure Package” tickets to the park which are $29.99 per person. The price includes the cave tour plus tickets for 5 attractions at the amusement park. And here’s a pro tip: you can save $2 per ticket when you buy online. But don’t wait until you get there. The wireless signal there is horrible (for Verizon), and although they have free wi-fi it is ridiculously slow (probably also Verizon).

The cave tour was fun (as they usually are). The temperature stays at just under 70 degrees year-round. There was also a video (a little hokey but cute) and a laser-light show set to music at the end. Here are some pictures I took from inside the caverns:

It amazes me how many forms some water, gravity and minerals can create. If you look at the shapes long enough you start seeing faces and other objects (see top right picture).

Other attractions at DeSoto Caverns in Alabama

The other attractions are primarily for kids, but we had a great time! And if you’re willing to be active, they’re the kind of activities that keep you young at heart. We went through a maze and raced in pedal go-karts (Ryan won that one, but in my defense my kart had technical difficulties–and his legs are stronger than mine!).

We challenged each other shooting hoops (basketball) with some interesting obstacles in the way. We watched little kids race each other in Power Wheels (and laughed when the ride operator tried to teach kids how to drive in reverse).

We shot arrows at targets, shot foam balls at each other from “cannons,” played mini-golf and panned for gemstones (which gave us souvenirs for our niece and nephew next time we see them!).

The most fun (and challenging), though, was the Cave Crawl Box. It’s a crawl of 200 feet collapsed into a very small area. You know those movies where the thief gets on their hands and knees and contorts themselves to maneuver around laser beams? It’s kind of like that! Except it’s in a well-ventilated wooden box. It is definitely not for the claustrophobic, and you can’t be too tall or more than a certain weight.

I came out knowing I need to focus on my upper-body workouts more, and ended up with bruises from the box later (I bruise easily). But I was laughing the whole way. Ryan liked it so much he went a second time. It was a blast.

Video footage of our time in Alabama and other states

I have video of the cave tour and other things that need editing. This is very time-consuming, so I will be doing them after I’ve caught up on our trip across the United States. Also, YouTube changed some of their policies recently, and it makes me wonder whether it’s worth it for me to keep posting there, or if I should just start hosting the videos on the blog exclusively. I have to do more thinking on that, but nonetheless the videos will be coming soon.

Next stop, our last destination on this trip: Georgia (finally)!

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