february 2017 extra income report

February 2017 Extra Income Report

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How time flies! I can’t believe it’s mid-March already. I’m way behind, so let’s get down to business with the February 2017 Extra Income Report.

This is my second monthly income report. I started doing these because I’m committed to earning income through my business this year, and I want these reports to keep me on track. Also, I always receive inspiration from others when I read their reports, so hopefully this will do the same for you!

If you want to read the first report, you can find it here:

January 2017 Extra Income Report

As I mentioned before, I have a full-time job that I do remotely, so this report is about money made in addition to my regular income.


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february 2017 extra income report

Our total February 2017 extra income is $95

It still isn’t much, but it’s an increase of $50 from January. Here’s the breakdown:

$20 selling stuff we didn’t need

We were carrying around an extra propane tank since we left the Bay Area. While it was helpful when we were parked somewhere for months and months, it wasn’t getting used with our more frequent travel.

We actually wanted to give it to my cousin, who is also an RVer, as thanks for letting us park outside his house when we came to visit. But he insisted on giving us money for it.

$75 in coaching fees

I have my first coaching client. I have come to realize that even though I don’t work with patients anymore, I really enjoy doing work that encourages people with medical problems to be healthier. This is a specialized area of coaching, and I decided to dust off my coaching certification and use it.

If you want to be a coaching client, you can contact me at maya@bike-cook-explore.com. I plan to have a page up soon with fees and more information about my services. I will only be taking on a few clients at a time. My type of coaching requires very individualized attention.

So there you have it, our February 2017 Extra Income Report. I can tell you that we already have more extra income for March than January and February put together!

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