Five things you might not know about Oregon

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We’re in our final week in Oregon, so I thought I’d reflect upon what we’ve learned during our time here and share some of the quirky things we’ve found out.

  1. Oregon has a high desert.

    We didn’t visit it (thank goodness), but I saw it while researching places to visit. It’s an area about 130 miles by 200 miles, east of Eugene and Bend, and the highest elevation is 9,733 feet.

  2. Marijuana is legal in Oregon.

    There are shops selling it all over the place. And you don’t seem to need a prescription or have a medical condition–the advertisements on the store fronts are for recreational uses as well. However, I will say that they do have laws that have stricter penalties if you are found in possession or intending to sell weed within 1000 feet of a school, so they still acknowledge that it is an illegal substance. Meanwhile, there was a guy standing in a parking lot in front of the grocery store this weekend with a sign that said “420.” I don’t know whether he was trying to sell or buy it, but either way he didn’t seem too worried about getting in trouble with the police.

  3. There is no state sales tax.

    This has been nice when grocery shopping, and also when paying for our stay at some of the RV parks.

  4. Oregon has an electric vehicle charging station every 25-50 miles along interstate 5.

    They also have more “DC Fast Charging” stations than any other state, which allow for a 70-80% charge within 20 minutes. Additionally, some of the charging stations offer free charging (although you may have to pay for parking, like everyone else along the street).

  5. Oregon is the vegan-friendliest state in the nation.

    Per one accounting, based on a ratio of people to vegan restaurants, Oregon has about 4 million people and 22 vegan restaurants, or 5.5 restaurants per million people. Although this accounting was done in May of this year, I feel like the number of restaurants has likely increased since then–especially in┬áPortland!


I hope you enjoyed this little trivia tidbit. It was really hot again today, so when it got below 90 I went out and did some interval training (15 seconds of sprinting and 45 seconds of walking), and this is about all I felt up for posting afterward. ; p

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