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Fountain of Youth Spa & RV Resort

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The Fountain of Youth Spa is seriously one of the best RV resorts we’ve ever been to. It was also the perfect place for us to spend the month before we started The Epic Journey East. Here’s why.

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Fountain of Youth Spa Amenities

Whether you’re a tent camper, a car camper, an RVer or you like staying in more permanent structures, the Fountain of Youth Spa has a place for you. It is huge. It has 1000 RV sites. You can get a basic spot in the dry camping area for $22/day or $305/month, or you can pay $625/month plus electric (during peak season) for a site with full hookups. They also have Vacation Villas (modular homes you can rent).

Regardless of how  you stay, you have access to some amazing things to do. They have both salt water and standard chlorine pools and spas, plus private soaking tubs. The resort was built on a hot mineral spring, so you have access to plenty of lovely, muscle-relaxing, joint pain-relieving mineral water.

When you drive toward Fountain of Youth Spa you can see it from a distance. It looks like you are coming upon a small city. Besides the 1000 sites there are many other buildings. They include a convenience store with standard food and RV-related supplies, a seasonal restaurant, multiple restrooms and laundry rooms.

fountain of youth spa

Not-so-little oasis in the desert.

But wait, there’s more!

They have a library and puzzle room, computer/TV room, and shuffleboard. A hall where they hold dances, performances, community meals, craft shows and. The cafe hosts karaoke pizza night.

Bocce ball courts, tennis courts, horseshoes, pool tables, a community garden, their own post office/mail room, and places to picnic and barbeque.

Besides the spas, my two favorite areas were the gym (hands-down the nicest RV resort gym I’ve ever been to) and the craft room, where I got to volunteer one day to make quilts for charity. 

We stayed at the Fountain of Youth Spa without a car and didn’t visit a grocery store once

It was pretty easy, actually. First, we visited grocery stores in the Palm Desert area before we arrived. We bought lots of dry goods (for example, an 8-pound bag of brown rice).

We also had some other dry goods/specialty foods delivered through Amazon PrimeBut the amenity from Fountain of Youth Spa that made it easiest was the twice-weekly farmer’s market. This market takes place seasonally (just during the winter when the park has the most visitors). So with just a little planning we had access to all the food we might need.

And it’s a good thing, too. The closest grocery store is about 20 minutes away by car, but it’s 30 miles round-trip on a highway. You can take a bus, but only on Thursdays and you wait several hours for a return bus.

The atmosphere

As with most RV parks, younger people are easily outnumbered. But we still met the most young full-timers we have seen in any place we’ve stayed. We actually attended a dinner party where all the food was vegetarian and most of the people used to live in San Francisco! One of them even worked for my former employer (UCSF), also in clinical research. Quite the coincidence!

But just because there are a lot of older people at Fountain of Youth Spa does not mean it was a boring place. They also have two water volleyball teams, a poker room, yoga and water aerobics classes. They have a disc golf course and driving range. Lots of people have bicycles and use them to get around the park. Many people ride their mountain bikes on the trails surrounding the resort, and others run up the nearby Chocolate Mountains. This place epitomizes the meaning of “active adult community” while not being age-restrictive. We saw several children there, particularly on weekends and holidays. When you have year-round heated pools, kids are bound to have fun.

fountain of youth spa

Chocolate Mountains

Things I would change

The office seems a little disorganized, although everyone is friendly. We started in one spot and requested to switch to another. The staff were very confused about details of the switch, reading our meters and when we were leaving. They kept wanting to under-charge us and made Ryan spend a lot of time trying to give them money for what we owed.

They also don’t have a very good recycling program there. Basically, they only accept recyclables they can get money for. Everything else has to be schlepped elsewhere or thrown away with the trash.

fountain of youth spa

Do you see how we have more orange blocks under one jack than the other? This is because our jacks can’t level independently, so on very uneven ground it’s nearly impossible to get the RV level.

The lots are not very level. We had to use all our blocks and we were still tilting. We were neighbors with a small class C motorhome that actually used boulders under their front tires. I spoke to the wife who explained they were so out of level that their leveling blocks were cracking from the weight on their front tires. So her husband went out into the desert and found 2 large, mostly flat rocks. They built ramps with their blocks and drove up onto the rocks.

It looked very precarious, and we discussed how scary it would be if an earthquake happened in that area. The lots are all gravel. Between the strong winds, dry soil and flooding rains that occur occasionally, the lots suffer from erosion and could use some more upkeep.

fountain of youth spa

New Year’s Day: After a big thunderstorm, this lot looks a lot better than it did the night before! It was completely flooded.

Of course, there was really nothing for us to eat at the cafe. But that was ok because we had plenty of food to eat at home.

Also, while Highway 111 is nice and smooth, Spa Road (the 1-2 miles that lead up to the resort), is extremely eroded. It’s actually down to the dirt in some spots. It was not fun to ride on our e-bikes, even with the bigger tires. Ryan went out on his road bike one day and walked his bike to Hwy 111 for fear of popping a tire or rattling his teeth out of his head.

One other thing. The Verizon signal was just adequate, even though they have their own tower on-site. I’m sure virtually everyone there is a Verizon customer, including the resort itself. The signal was just over-loaded with users most of the time. But, it was still usable for my job. I did have to set videos to upload a few times before we left for the gym or pool, because trying to work with the signal while it was uploading was too frustrating.

That’s it, though. Otherwise everything was great and we will definitely be back at some point.

As for our expenses, we spent $625 on our spot, about $30 on electricity, $30 on propane. I think groceries were about $750 (prices are high when you are a captive audience) but we didn’t eat out the whole time we were there.

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  1. Don’t you just love that place? Not only did we get to meet you two this year, but we just meet so many cool peeps when we stay. We’ll be back in December, hope to see you agaiin!

    • It’s great! We were so happy to meet you guys. I have no idea where we will be in December…that seems so far away right now! But it’s a definitely possibility!

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