Inappropriate sign found in Eugene OR

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While walking around in Eugene my wife and I came across this sign at a shell gas station. Now some of the shell stations have convenience stores instead of just a tiny box with an attendant inside. When they do the they a sign with their name on the building. Well lets just say that the choice of color placement and letter positioning may have not been the best choice as one can’t help but see what they see. Have a look for yourself and try and tell me I’m wrong.0806161335_resized

I want to know if you saw both s’s right away or if you had to look long enough to see them. The break in the color plus the slant of the s’s you can’t help but see two distinct words. Jack On 🙂

One thought on “Inappropriate sign found in Eugene OR

  1. Yes, I saw the two slanted s’s right away. The two distinct words I saw were Jack and sons and I’m guessing that they considered this sign a unique way to say just that or else Jackson and sons.

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