Why I Will Always Make Room for My Instant Pot

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You can read this post now, or pin it in Pinterest for reading later. We just finished a month of daily travel, most of the time without access to unlimited electricity. We live in a tiny space (less than 350 square feet), and our goal is to go even smaller. But no matter what, I will always make sure there is space for my Instant Pot. Here’s why.


As I mentioned in my holiday gift-buying guide, the Instant Pot is a multi-function electric cooking appliance. It is a pressure cooker, yogurt maker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer and can also sauté. It comes in 5, 6 and 8 quarts. You can cook just about anything you can make in a slow cooker using the pressure cooker function.

It comes with its own cookbook and instruction manual which tells you exactly how much time and liquid you need to cook all sorts of vegetables, beans, grains, and more. There is no cooking skill required to cook any of these items; if you follow the directions your food will come out exactly as it should. It takes out all the guesswork.

What this means to me:

  • I can cook rice and it’s perfect every time. No mushy rice with extra water at the bottom of the pot. No undercooked rice and bits stuck and burned to the bottom of the pot.
  • From dry to cooked beans, including a process that replaces soaking them, in less than 2 hours.
  • I can steam several ears of tender, juicy corn at the same time and in a fraction of the time it would take in an oven or stove top.
  • The other night, I cooked an entire spaghetti squash in 10 minutes!
instant pot

Ten minutes of high pressure and 1 cup of water is all it took!

Additionally, there are Facebook groups, websites and even cookbooks specifically with Instant Pot recipes. There are even several vegan Instant Pot recipe books out there. This one is even free through Kindle Unlimited:

I scrolled through tons of free recipes online and have seen people make cake, popcorn, lasagna, tortilla casserole, chili…it goes on and on.

The Instant Pot comes with a single pot, the lid of course, two utensils (one flat spoon and one deeper spoon), and a steamer insert. But there are many other accessories you can buy. Here are the ones I think are really cool and have been eyeing for a while. These products are all made by the same manufacturer, so there are no worries about compatibility. Click on either the title or the picture to see the product page and more details.

Instant Pot Glass Lid

This is great for when you want to see what you’re cooking and don’t need the high pressure function. For example, boiling noodles, sautéing or making popcorn!




Instant Pot Silicone Mitts 


Sometimes you just can’t (or don’t want to) wait until the pot cools down to pull it out. It is tricky sometimes with regular oven mitts to get in there, because regular mitts are usually thick cloth. These are designed by Instant Pot and look like they’d be perfect: a spot for your fingers and a place for your thumb! No extra material and plenty of protection.



Instant Pot Springform Cake Pan

This cake pan, also manufactured by Instant Pot, fits inside your pressure cooker and turn it into a cake maker! Imagine how moist your cakes will be if you cook them in there! Oh my goodness…I think I’m going to have to start looking up cake recipes! Maybe a mochi cake? Instant Pot also makes a silicone trivet you can place under this cake pan (inside the Instant Pot) to make it even easier to remove the pan when you’re done baking!


I’ve really kept it pretty basic with the things I make in the Instant Pot because I like to use minimal ingredients. These are the things we use the Instant Pot for regularly:

  • Rice and beans, as mentioned above
  • Steaming veggies
  • Boiling several potatoes, then crisping them in the oven
  • Veggie curry
  • Vegan yogurt (every once in a while; I use it to make vegan cheese)

But the possibilities are really endless! I plan on branching out soon, creating more recipes and sharing them with you here.

I even found a woman on YouTube who is a long-haul trucker and brings her Instant Pot with her and vlogs about it. If she can make space for hers, then I will always have a way to make room for mine!

What would you make in your Instant Pot? Need help finding a recipe? Let me know and I’ll try to point you in the right direction!

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