Is it possible to live a quiet life when visiting Las Vegas?

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Why yes, of course it is. There is much, much more to Las Vegas than casinos, and The Strip, and gambling.

For example, we picked a park on purpose that seemed to be in a quiet area. While it’s on a busy street (RV parks almost always are), there is a guard at the entrance and patrols throughout the park 24 hours per day. We can sleep at night with our windows open and not be disturbed by noises. In the late afternoon when we go out, when I step outside it’s dead quiet. And of course, this an adults-only park, so that helps a lot. No matter how well-behaved children are, unless they’re locked inside 24/7 they will make noise.

So far we haven’t done much in the casinos. I don’t gamble or drink, and Ryan rarely does either. Neither or us is a big fan of cigarette smoke, loud noises or flashing lights. We’ve walked through a few just to check them out, but I’m more interested in the architecture, design and the little attractions like indoor waterfalls than anything else. So we’ll go into one and usually within 10-15 minutes I’m ready to leave.

I’m far, far more interested in the food and what I can see outdoors from my bicycle. So far we’ve gone to a waffle place called Tiabi that offered vegan and gluten-free waffles, and last night we visited Vegenation, an all-vegan place by Fremont Street that had many gluten-free options. Tonight we went to Blaze, which is one of those build-your-own pizza places. By leaving off the sauce and vegan cheese, I was able to get a low-FODMAP, vegan, gluten-free pizza. With all the delicious veggies they had to offer plus a little pineapple, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

There are a lot of different grocery stores out here. They of course have Walmarts, but also Albertson’s (all the Safeways have shut down), Von’s, Smith’s, Sprouts and Trader Joe’s. They used to have a bunch of Fresh ‘n’ Easy stores but it looks like all but one closed down. There’s also a Whole Foods here.

Last weekend we took our road bikes over to Wetlands area. It’s nice there. Some greenery, some water, and some decent bike paths with rolling hills. I definitely want to go back there.

Tonight we also stopped at the library. I’m thrilled that it’s only 1.5 miles away. I haven’t gone to a library since we left the bay area. I simply can’t do without reading, so I’ve been using the Kindle app on my phone. Not the best thing for the eyes.

What’s nice about the weather is that while it’s too hot for me in the middle of the day, in the early morning and late afternoon/evening it’s great for bike riding. A lot of the streets here are very level and nicely paved, and have bike lanes. Some of them even have bike/bus only lanes (which is basically a huge bike lane until the bus comes along).

I’ve been behind in my cooking, but up until last night I had an upset stomach for the whole week. This has been different than my usual stomach upset (a lot more nausea) which makes me wonder if I had some type of stomach flu or maybe ate something that was starting to go bad. My diet until last night consisted of potatoes, rice and bananas for the most part. I kept waiting to feel better but I never quite got there, and things are still not quite right. But life goes on.

Oh, I also forgot to mention Henderson. We’re just a few miles away. The parts we’ve seen so far are really nice. They have a huge, very pretty shopping mall that’s surrounded by more little shopping centers and a hotel/casino, which was having a carnival when we rode by. My favorite part was when we rode on an overpass and they had elevated bike lanes, which separate you nicely from the cars. It reminded me of Portland and Eugene, Oregon.

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