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January 2017 Extra Income Report

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I’m so excited to premier my very first extra income report! This is for income outside of my regular job.

It isn’t much, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Our total extra income for January is $45.

Like I said, not much. But at the same time it’s huge for me, because it’s the first time since we started traveling that we have income from a source other than my job. This is progress!

Here’s a breakdown of income sources:

$40 selling stuff we didn’t need

While we stayed at the last RV park, we were clearing stuff out. We actually had a box labeled “FREE” sitting at the front of our lot, because it would be too much trouble to try to sell it all. Someone came by and wanted all the stuff in it, and insisted on paying us $20 for it.

We also had 2 sets of leveling blocks for sale at $10 each. Those sold for a total of $20.

$5 Affiliate Income from Traveling Mailbox

If you haven’t seen my review for Traveling Mailbox, it’s the service we use to handle our mail. It’s affordable and something I’ve been happy with, so I decided to become an affiliate. They give you $5 just for signing up. You can also get a free t-shirt, but I passed on that because I don’t need any more clothes.

That’s it. Of course, business-wise I have yet to make up my investment. I have start-up fees and also recurring monthly fees for services I use for this blog. But that’s ok. Small as it is, this amount makes the responsibility I carry as the sole income earner just slightly lighter.

My advice is you’re starting out with your own business is to take every win as it comes. Don’t discount small things. Use the feeling of getting that win to build momentum toward another win!

Our next post will be out of order, because I want to give an update on our first week of The Epic Journey East. After that, I will cover some of our travels since Lake Isabella leading up to our departure east.

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17 thoughts on “January 2017 Extra Income Report

  1. I’ve read some similar post about sharing the monthly blogging income report, and I am glad that you ladies are doing great. I just have one question: Are you not bother that IRS might check your posts like this, and charge you an income tax? Unless the tax are also includee to your monthly reporting… which I don’t see in all related posts of other bloggers.

    • Hi Blair, I have every intention of reporting everything I make to the IRS. You are not likely to see tax in an income report because small business tax is based on the amount of money you make minus any expenses.If I only earn $45 the entire year, it would be less than my business expenses and therefore I would owe no tax. This is a simplification (it would be best to consult a tax professional for more details), but hopefully this answers your question.

  2. Every little bit counts! I’m always trying to find ways to make a little extra money here and there. It’s nice to have money in my pocket for a rainy day (or to help pay the bills because that’s where it really goes, haha).

  3. Congrats on making income in addition to your day job! And I agree that as a business owner we should celebrate even the smallest wins, because it inspires us to continue do what we love and build up from there. Even the smallest wins takes a lot of input, so kudos for you guys and good luck with the rest of your journey!

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