Kayaking the Noyo River in Fort Bragg (with video)

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We have been trying to find a place to kayak since we hit the road, but it never worked out. So when we arrived in Fort Bragg and discovered that there was a kayak rental place in the harbor where we were staying, it was the best-case scenario and happened entirely by accident.

The tours are guided, and we looked at two different kinds. One was river-only and 90 minutes long. The other tour was taking the river west to the ocean and touring the sea caves, but was 3 hours long. That sounded fun, but I really didn’t want to spend 3 hours straight sitting down, so we opted for the river tour.

The rental place, called Liquid Fusion Kayaking, was great. Ryan went early in the week while I was working to talk to them and when we came back on Thursday for our tour, the guy remembered him and didn’t even have to ask his name. He was our guide in the kayak and did a great job. The other┬áreally nice thing was, perhaps because it was a weekday afternoon, there was only one other couple on the tour.


I made a video…unfortunately, I didn’t get some of the shots that I wanted to. I see now what other people mean when they talk about how the Go-Pro style camera doesn’t have a wide-angle lens, doesn’t do well in low light, and doesn’t zoom very well. There were harbor seals that were swimming around us, and one surfaced right next to the boat, but I didn’t get to record it, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it was wonderful and amazing.

I hope you relaxing and drifting along the river with us!

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