Las Vegas cost of living in an RV

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We’ve been in Las Vegas for over a month. I haven’t done a post about what it costs to live somewhere in awhile, so now is as good a time as any. Plus, since July, with one exception we’ve been moving at least once per week. So this would be my first chance to really know what it’s like to live someplace since Redding.

As mentioned previously, we’ve been staying at Las Vegas RV Resort. I feel comfortable telling you that because the place has 24-hour security, and they do a great job. One time, my friend pulled in to the entrance but didn’t approach the security kiosk. She stopped along the side to call me and let me know she was outside. The guard approached her and asked what she was doing, wanted to know who she was going to see, etc. They also have guards patrolling the park 24 hours per day.

Overall the park is very quiet and people follow the rules. Everything is very clean. One thing we’ve saved money on since staying here is dog poop bags. You can imagine we go through quite a few with two dogs, but each dog area here has a scoop and rake as well as a trash can. We haven’t needed to use a single bag.

Another convenience is our location, which is just a few spaces down from the laundry room. Additionally, they have a company that comes twice a week with propane. The restrooms and showers are also well-maintained and clean.

Las Vegas RV Resort (RV Park)

The first month’s stay cost $637.92 plus electricity. This total includes tax as well as a $10 deposit for a key that unlocks bathrooms and pools, and a $50 deposit toward the electric bill. At the end of the month they read our meter and our bill was $90.

The second month, tax is not applicable. The base rate is $545.

House or Apartment

You can rent apartments from studio to 2 bedroom for $550-800 on average. Renting a house seems to cost about $1200-1500, and lots of homes for sale for $250,000-300,000. For example, a 2100 square foot home, 4 bedrooms with a pool for $286,000.

According to the cost of living calculator, someone moving from the Bay Area with a salary of $100,000 per year needwould only earn around $61,000 in Las Vegas for a comparable lifestyle. As you may have guessed we decided to stay an additional month. We thought about going somewhere else, but we have things that we need to take care of. It makes more sense to stay where we are due to the affordable rates, and get those things done.


We’ve spent $658 on groceries this month. We went a little crazy, because it’s the first time we’ve seen a Whole Foods since Portland (we were there the first week of August). And I’m not even going to tell you how much we’ve spent on eating out. I’ll just say that some of it is purposeful but a lot of it is that we spend so much time walking around looking at stuff that we are always starving!Nevertheless, I’ve still put $875 toward student loan debt and $700 into our savings account. Last month, I wasn’t able to put anything because everything extra went to pay off the cost of our RV repairs (before the bill was due). But I was able to pay that $2200 off by only taking about $200 from our savings account.

Speaking of money…the next post will be more about money and how we plan to increase our income independent of being employees. Stay tuned!



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