Las Vegas RV Resort

Las Vegas RV Resort: RV living in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas RV Resort is an adults-only park with 389 sites open year-round. It’s on the east side of Las Vegas and conveniently located to lots of attractions.

The Las Vegas Area

If you’re unfamiliar with Las Vegas geography, “The Strip” (Las Vegas Blvd) runs north to south through the middle of Las Vegas with I-15 running roughly parallel to it. North of the The Strip is downtown, where the Fremont Street Experience is, along with the Container Park (more about downtown in an upcoming post).

To the east is Boulder Highway. This area, while not as hectic as Las Vegas Blvd or downtown, is still quite busy. There are a few casinos along this road such as Boulder Station and Eastside Cannery. There are also several RV parks along Boulder Highway. If you travel north along Boulder Highway it becomes Fremont Street and you will end up downtown.

Just east of Boulder Highway is Nellis Blvd. Sam’s Town Casino is on Nellis, along with two KOA RV Parks and the Las Vegas RV Resort.

What it’s like at Las Vegas RV Resort

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the park has many amenities. Here are some pictures of them:

You may remember from my post about Golden Gate Trailer Park┬áthat some parks don’t have much in the way of amenities. When we only stay for a few days or a week somewhere, a lack of amenities is not a big deal. But the two months we plan to spend here is the longest we’ve lived somewhere since we left Marin County. So we like having amenities.

This park is quite nice. From what we can tell and conversations with other RVers, it’s one of the nicer ones in the area. Nowhere is perfect, but they’re doing a decent job here. I already listed positives in previous posts. But if you think you might want to stay here, I should list some other things too.

  • There aren’t enough pet areas. Nearly 400 RVs can stay here and most RVers have pets. There are only two pet areas and most pets have to visit at least twice a day. Yet some people decide to camp out in the pet area. They sit at the tables, smoke and chat. Sometimes, people have taken up both sides but they chat over the fence. The thing is, a lot of them are older and retired, as most RVers are, so they aren’t in any hurry. But we have two rambunctious dogs who need to go to the bathroom, so we are in a hurry.
  • The outside shower by the pool is broken. It has not worked since our arrival and it does not look like they plan on fixing it, ever.
  • The fitness machines do not function very well, and they are probably going to stay that way.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the hot tub area, but people can smoke in the pool area. They are right next to each other so you have to deal with it regardless.

That is about it. If you compare this to what it was like in Marin, Las Vegas RV Resort isn’t so bad. There is definitely street noise, but I don’t know how you could get away from that at any park in Las Vegas. I would stay here again, but I think at this point I’m ready to move on and see what else is out there.

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