Las Vegas sightseeing: the bike-cook-explore way

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Las Vegas and “the Strip” (Las Vegas Boulevard) has lots of bright lights, gambling and places to party. But I think the best attractions are the ones involving art and architecture. There are also things that you wouldn’t expect to find inside a casino (like an aquarium).

I never really feel inclined to ride my bike along the strip. But on a day with 20-25 mph winds and 90-degree temps it’s out of the question. We took a bus to Flamingo Blvd at Las Vegas Blvd and started walking around in the various casinos.


The first thing we did was stop and eat. In the Bellagio there is a restaurant called the Gelato Cafe. They had a quinoa salad and a few smoothies on the  menu that were vegan, so we got one salad and one smoothie to tide us over.

The Bellagio has some beautiful pieces of art, including blown glass light fixtures.

When it comes to appearances, the Las Vegas casinos tend to spare no expense.

When it comes to appearances, the Las Vegas casinos tend to spare no expense.

Caesar’s Palace

After Bellagio we walked around Caesar’s Palace (which is celebrating its 50th anniversary). If you’ve never been to Caesar’s (or not lately) they’ve added a whole mall. It’s completely enclosed, has a beautiful painted ceiling, and a lot of high-end shops. Ryan found a little Chinese food place that made everything fresh so they were able to customize it to be vegan for him. There were quite a few restaurants and a canal with gondolas and gondoliers that serenade you while you paddle along.

They have fountains too, and an aquarium. All where it’s nice and cool and not windy. So if you’re in Las Vegas, you don’t gamble and it’s too hot and/or windy to wander around outside, this might be a good option.


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