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Living in Redding, California: Week 3 Update and Plans for our Remaining Time

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It was hot. It got cold and rained. Now it’s hot again.

We have about a week and a half left here. This past weekend didn’t amount to much, mostly because my stomach was uncooperative. I’m taking medicine, I’ve cut out eggs and dairy, and I’m still having trouble. My next move is to go back on an elimination diet. I’ll talk about that more later–right now, I might as well eat up some perishables that I can’t use on the diet.

I haven’t been able to do longer bike rides thanks to my digestion, so Ryan’s been teaching me how to lift weights. We have a whole set of weights and a weight bench in our basement storage! Ryan will likely be talking about the weight set in one of his posts, so I’ll leave that to him.

Ryan and I considered visiting one of the local lakes–either Lake Shasta or Whiskeytown Lake. The Shasta Caverns intrigued us as well. But it’s over an hour by bike, and there is no bus route to get to either lake. The caverns are even further. So this weekend we’re probably going to rent a car and do some exploring. It’s supposed to be 100 degrees (or more), so it’s perfect weather for either swimming or being in a cave. =)

I think we’ve tried almost every restaurant in town that we wanted to. That is likely at least part of the problem with my digestion, too, because when you eat out you never know quite what you’re getting. But here’s a run-down of the good, not as good, and ugly for eats in Redding.

  • Taqueria Los Gordos: We ate here on our first night in town. I wanted something on the light side, so I had tortilla chips, guacamole and several types of salsa from their fresh salsa bar. Ryan had a burrito with potato, rice, beans, guacamole and salsa. It was simple but good stuff. Great service too.
  • Mod Pizza: You may have seen a place similar to this. It’s a build-your-own pizza joint. You choose the crust, and then you go down the assembly line and pick your sauce, cheese and toppings. They have a vegan, gluten-free crust and Daiya (vegan) cheese. Plenty of veggies too. Note that the marinara sauce contains parmesan; their only vegan “sauce” is olive oil.
  • Priya Indian Cuisine: Yum! As far as vegan, gluten-free bread, they have papadum and dosa. I had some fantastic eggplant curry and Ryan had the Aloo Gobi. It’s family-owned with a very nice people running it who were attentive and knowledgeable about their dishes. They were very accommodating with our order.
  • Redding’s Ultimate Pizza: This was some good stuff. They didn’t have any vegan cheese, but they had great pizza sauce and an abundance of veggie toppings. Everyone who worked there was friendly and genuinely interested in knowing how we liked the food. AND they had a choice between a small or large gluten-free crust–a rarity from pizza chains, which typically only offer one size.
Redding's Ultimate Pizza

Redding’s Ultimate Pizza

Not as good:
  • The Best Little Sandwich Shop: The best? Not so much. They don’t really have anything vegan AND gluten-free. I walked in there knowing that, but being starving, I figured I’d be ok with a little egg in the bread. However, I was very specific about them putting ONLY the items in the description and leaving off any dairy. I started eating, and shortly Ryan noticed that his sandwich had some things that he didn’t ask for on it. Mine did too, and we confirmed that they completely screwed up our orders–adding dairy and additional egg-containing products. The manager was very apologetic. He stated that nobody on his crew had been there longer than a week besides him. He made me a new sandwich and offered to give us a refund for it, but it required me getting back in line and it was a very long line. While we were waiting for the new sandwich, someone else came up and said she’d specified no cheese on her sandwich, had received cheese, and she was allergic. So it was not a good day at the sandwich shop. The sandwiches are pretty tasty, but if you have any allergies or food intolerances this is not the place to go as you can’t be assured they’ll get your order right. I opted to forego the refund because I had a headache from being annoyed and just wanted to get out of there. I also spent the rest of the weekend with an upset stomach.
  • Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine: I hate to say anything negative about this restaurant. It’s clearly family-run, and the service was great. They tried very hard to ensure we got what we asked for. Unfortunately, some of the food wasn’t as flavorful as I had hoped. Ryan ordered vegetable samosas and we shared Aloo Tikki, Daal Makhni and Vegetable Biriyani. I liked the Aloo Tikki, but the daal and rice were both bland. The daal was soupier than we prefer.
The Ugly:
  • Sky’s Pure Food: This is a small place, but not so small that it wouldn’t be worth their while to have a website or post menus through someplace like Yelp. But they have nothing. They had good reviews though, a lot of them mentioning gluten-free and vegan food, including waffles. We wanted some breakfast we didn’t have to make ourselves, so we took a chance and headed over. Unfortunately, no such luck. They have gluten free waffles that they make with eggs and dairy. When we asked them “What do you have that’s vegan?” they offered smoothies, lunch food and dessert. But I don’t give them knocks just for disappointing us. As one of the few places in town that offers raw and vegan food, they could put more effort in and be more successful. Also, while someone greeted us when we walked in, she didn’t offer to help us. She just said hello and went back to what she was doing. We had to wait for someone to come out of the kitchen to talk to us. As we didn’t buy anything, I can’t tell you whether their food is any good. But they get a D- for business practices.

I’ve been making lots of delicious things at home: tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce, my own daal (better than the restaurant’s), yellow curry, Navratan Korma and Pad Thai. I never feel like I’m missing out when I eat at home, because I stock all the spices and special ingredients I need to make things exactly to my taste.

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    • Papadum and dosa are flatbreads, sort of like a crispy tortilla and a crepe. Aloo Gobi is cauliflower and potatoes. Vegetable samosas are pastries with peas and potatoes inside. Aloo Tikki is potato cakes with chickpeas in a sauce. Daal Makhni is lentils in a tomato sauce, sort of the consistency of refried beans (that’s the way we like it, anyway). Vegetable Biriyani is rice with vegetables and and tomato sauce.

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