march 2017 extra income report

March 2017 Extra Income Report and Student Loan Update

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Hi folks! It’s time for another income report. I thought I’d combine it with an update on how much we’ve paid down my student loans. March was the best month so far for both. Let’s take a look at our March 2017 extra income first, and then an update on paying down the student loans.

March 2017 Extra Income

Here’s the breakdown of our March extra income sources:

Selling old stuff: $490

Coaching fees: $50
Gazelle: $10.30

Total: $550.30

We sold our weight bench and weights as well as two reclining lounge chairs and a table. I also had a little bit of coaching income.

All this happened while travelling. We sold the weight bench through Craigslist while staying at a county park in Georgia. We set the lounge chairs and table at the front of our campsite in South Carolina with a sign on them. People just came up and gave them money for us and took them away. It was super easy.

I did the coaching over the phone and through email.

Our March 2017 extra income from Gazelle

We have a new income source this month from a company called Gazelle. They will accept used devices such as phones and tablets and give you money for them!

I had an old Samsung Note II sitting around for many years. My original one broke. I was due for an upgrade, but I had insurance on the old one. So I upgraded my phone, used the insurance to get a replacement, and then had it sitting around. It was nice to have because once my new phone needed replacement and I would be without a phone. But now I have a different carrier, and my Note II is not compatible. So it was just going to collect dust.

Using Gazelle is very simple. You go to their website and see if your device is eligible for trade-in. You give them some details and then they give you an offer.

If you accept the offer, they email you a shipping label and instructions for how to prepare and ship the device. They pay for shipping. Once the device arrives and they insure it’s in the condition you stated it was, you get your money. You can get your money by check, through PayPal or as an Amazon gift card (it’s a code you can enter online and use immediately). As a bonus, if you chose Amazon they give you a little extra back! My offer was for $10, but they gave me $10.30 for choosing Amazon. I was about to place an order anyway, so this came right off my total.

Save money with Gazelle

You can also buy certified refurbished devices from them. In fact, this is probably what I’m going to do from now on. I don’t feel the need to have the latest device, and I’m already pretty far behind the times. My current phone is a Samsung Note 5. I love it, it works great, and just like my last phone I will keep it until it breaks (I’m usually the one doing the breaking. I’m a klutz).

But instead of spending $600 or $800 for a new phone (that I will probably break in a few years), I plan on buying a refurbished. It will save a bunch of money and will probably work great. Plus, it’s probably better for the environment to re-use an older phone than buy a brand new one.

If you’re interested, Gazelle also has an affiliate program. This is another great way to make some money by recommending their site if like it. If you’d like to see the details about their program. you can check out this link: Join the Gazelle Affiliate Program!

Other ways to make extra income

For April, we’ve already made some money, and I will talking about how we made it soon, as it’s different income sources than those mentioned above. I want you to have as many options as possible when you’re thinking of ways to earn and save. Every bit counts!

And for those of you who think “I could never do this,” I’ll refer you to my 27 year-old friend who just made a million dollars last year from her blog. She reminds people that she started at $0 per month and worked her way up.

And not everything that I tell you about will be a perfect fit for you. Some ideas will work, and some won’t. But don’t worry–you can find something that will earn you money. And even easier, you can find lots of ways to save money, too!

Here are some other posts about ways to earn and save money:

That about wraps up the March 2017  Extra Income Report. Now let’s move on to the student loan update.

I paid $6,254 toward my student loans in March 2017!

Part of this was that I had a huge state and federal refund. The second those funds deposited into my checking account, I immediately turned around and sent them off to my loan holder. That way, there was no way the money went to any other place.

However, that still means I put $2000 toward student loans.

This was not a typical month. I would love to do this every month (or even more)! But I don’t know how things will pan out. We have some irons in the fire now that need some funds to get started. However, at the end of April my “merit-based pay increase” should start showing up on my check. So it may all even out in the end.

I will say that my debt repayment system is working well for me. It allows me to control how much money I put to payments based on our variable expenses, while still adding as much as possible. The system would work for any debt and any amount that you are able to pay above the minimum payments. If you want to get rid of debt, I suggest giving it a try!

Overall I am very happy with how March went financially. Each month’s results give me the momentum to keep going.

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march 2017 extra income report

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