In March 2017, we traveled between Georgia, Florida and back up to South Carolina. Check out our monthly expenses for March.

Monthly Expenses: March 2017

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I figured I’d better get this report out before we run into May! In March 2017, we traveled between Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. Check out our monthly expenses for March.

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In March 2017, we traveled between Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. Check out our monthly expenses for March.

Monthly Expenses: Lodging

We stayed at a military campground, county parks and private RV parks in March. We spent a whole week at an RV park in Myrtle Beach, even though we didn’t need to. It was for my birthday, so we splurged a little. Even so, our total for camping fees was $648 for the entire month.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • The military campground and county park were only $20 per night, for 13 days between the two places; total = $260
  • The week at the Myrtle Beach campground cost $178, and covered part of the first week of April
  • The other $210 was split among a few campgrounds in Georgia and South Carolina

We did spend a few days boondocking, but not as many as when we made our cross-country trip. We spent way more time boondocking in April.

Just FYI, there are private RV parks in Georgia and South Carolina that charge about $400 per month. We would have taken that option but all the parks in the area were fully booked.

Monthly Expenses: Fuel

We spent $252 on gas. We drove nearly 1000 miles and some of that was in a rental car, since we needed one to get to and from the wedding, rehearsal dinner, etc. None of the driving was through mountainous areas, so I think we probably got between $8-9 per gallon in the motorhome. We continued to find low gas prices of typically $2/gallon or less.

Monthly Expenses: Groceries

I decided to split up groceries and eating out, because even though they’re all food, meals away from home are often for entertainment purposes. We spent $765 on groceries, which was once again more than I want. Ryan and I discussed this further and this month we are already doing better. In March we went to places like Whole Foods and a grocery chain called Earth Fare, because they had lots of gluten-free vegan food. But now we are focusing more on cutting out as many processed foods and more expensive foods as much as possible.

Monthly Expenses: Entertainment

We spent $121 on entertainment in March. $98 was for restaurants. We did a lot of eating out with our friends, and tried to pick up the tab for them as much as possible (they were buying us dinner at the rehearsal dinner and wedding, after all!). They were always so nice and accommodating, working with us to pick places where we would be able to eat, and having the chefs at their events prepare special meals for us. The other $23 went to fees at the shooting range.

Monthly Expenses: Utilities

We paid nothing for electricity this month, because we didn’t stay anywhere long enough to pay for electricity. We did have to fill up on propane and that cost $47.

Monthly Expenses: Local Transportation

We paid $184 for a car rental for a week. In case you didn’t know, there is a discount on weekly rentals. Usually it costs the same for 4-5 days as it does for a week. We needed the car for 5 days so we just did the reservation for a week.

Total Monthly Expenses for March 2017:

Our total including entertainment is $2017. I knew (and I warned in the last expense report) that March would be an odd month. But that’s ok. It was totally worth the expense to spend some time with my friend of 25 years and take part in her beautiful wedding. Sometimes, saving money is not the top priority. You have to enjoy life or it isn’t worth living.

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