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benchIn order to workout on the road you either have to constantly sign up for gym memberships or do like I did and make your own gym. Before we left Marin I started looking on craigslist for a bench and free weights. I was able to find a great deal on a Bowflex bench, stand, and adjustable dumbbells. Normal retail on these items is over $750, but I was able to buy it for $350. The weights go up to 52.5 pounds for each dumbbell. The nice thing about these are that they are easy to adjust and I have a wide range of weights for only a total of 105 pounds. The bench can be put into a decline, incline, flat, or shoulder press position. Then I have the stand to hold the weights at just below waist level to make it easier to pick up and it has roller wheels to move around easily, with brakes to keep it in place when you need.

I purchased the exercise mat at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $30 and we already had an exercise ball that I believe you could purchase for $20. This is great for doing floor exercises like core work. Then I have the bike for getting in my cardio work. I purchased this bike a few years back off of craigslist for $450. The bike even though old had good components and sold originally for $2000 so not a bad purchase. I also have a pair of perfect pushups that’s nice for doing, well pushups that I bought at a flea market for $10. I don’t have anything to do pullups on, but I can hit up parks with jungle gyms to do that if need be.road bike

What I am trying to work up to is getting in at least 2-3 long rides of at least 30 miles up to 50 miles per ride and 2-3 short rides of 10-15 miles per ride a week. I also want to get in 3 strength training exercises per week of about 45 minutes each session. Since core is so important I would like to get in about 15 minutes per day of core work and since pushups are so easy to do I want to hit about 50 to 100 per day. All of this work takes time to build up to and also you need to build up a habit of doing the work. It’s easy to make a plan, but the follow through is the hard part.

Last week I was able to get in 2 rides of 30 miles at about 2 hours each ride and I also got in 2 rides of 12 miles each. I got in 2 strength training sessions of over 30 minutes in. My strength training exercises pushupinclude bench press, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, one arm row, shoulder press, triceps press, shoulder shrugs, shoulder raises, forward leg lunges, squats, and calf raises. Now I need to start getting in my daily core and pushup exercises in.

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  1. Hey Ryan, you sound like you really know a lot about exercise. You also have an impressive array of equipment. Good for you!

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