Things to do in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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We spent more than 3 weeks in Myrtle Beach. Here are some of the fun things you can do if you visit.

We spent more than 3 weeks in Myrtle Beach. Here are some of the fun things you can do if you visit including rides, attractions and of course the beach.

Walk along Myrtle Beach

I like simple pleasures, so when we stayed on the beach I walked it every day after work. I put my feet in the water and walked the shoreline in both directions. The RV parks along the beach have private access, but there are several free public access locations, and also Myrtle Beach State Park (with a small entry fee for day use).

myrtle beacb

Walk, bike or scoot along Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach

I didn’t take any pictures along Ocean Boulevard, because I was biking. We also saw bikes for rent and scooters (both moto-like and ones that looked like 3-wheeled cars). In fact at a red light a guy on a rental bike (scooter) looked over at me and said “Wanna race?”

I was on my Pedego electric bike, so I just laughed at him. I put pedal-assist up all the way and when the light turned green, I stood up off the seat and started pedaling hard. He ate my dust. When we got to the next light, he wouldn’t even look at me. The whole thing gave Ryan a good laugh.

It was a nice ride on the way over; it’s nice and level and there are bike lines and paths. But the biking on the way back was a little scary. The wind picked up and when the buildings facing the beach had a gap between them, gusts from the ocean came through and blew us around. Then the direction changed and we were riding into the wind. Thank goodness for electric motors on our Pedego bikes, otherwise we would have 12 miles home of very hard riding.

Anyway, Ocean Boulevard has shops, restaurants and hotels. Several of the hotels have pools and water slides, not to mention sitting right on the beach. There is also water park, Family Kingdom. It was closed when we were there but I saw online there are about 40 rides there.

Also along Ocean Boulevard is the Boardwalk and Promenade which includes a Skywheel and a Ripley’s Museum. If a ferris wheel is too tame for you, they have a couple of rides called the Slingshot and The Skyscraper you can try.

myrtle beach

Visit Broadway at the Beach

Broadway at the Beach is not on the beach. There’s a man-made lagoon with shops, food and other attractions around it. This is a great place to take the whole family, and it’s free to walk around. There are lots of kid-friendly amusements, including WonderWorks.

myrtle beach

This crazy-looking place comes with a story. Supposedly it was a laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle with an experiment gone wrong, which caused the lab to land upside-down in Myrtle Beach (but is still functional). I think the kids probably would love this place. Inside there are rides and science exhibits. There is also a rope course and a kiddie zipline.

Right next to WonderWorks, Broadway at the Beach has its own ferris wheel.

myrtle beach

And also these things that I couldn’t find a name for, but they look like human-sized inflatable hamster wheels you can roll around in on the water. I would vomit if I tried it, but it was funny to watch people rolling around in there.

myrtle beach

They also have jet boat rides. That would also probably make me vomit with all the hairpin turns the boat drivers take. But it looked like fun for people who don’t get motion-sick so easily.

myrtle beach

A bird’s-eye view of Myrtle Beach

While in Myrtle Beach I got to check something off my bucket list: a helicopter ride! There are a few options, but we chose Helicopter Adventures (our Lyft driver said they were better).

Rides start at $20 per person for 2 miles. Because the tours start within walking distance of Broadway at the Beach, you will fly over it and go back down.

We chose the next step up, for $39.99. This ride is 7-8 miles long and takes you over the ocean. Because if you don’t go out to the ocean, what’s the point?

myrtle beach

On the way to the beach you still see Broadway at the Beach, and on the way back you can see Ripken Fields.

So, you noticed I talked about all the things that might make me vomit. Helicopter rides are one of them (though it didn’t happen), but it was worth it!

The ride took less than 10 minutes. They are very organized there and even though there is a line, it moves quickly. Helicopter Adventures has even longer rides, at $179.99 per person for a 40-42 mile-long trip along the beach. I think our ride length was just perfect–long enough to see the sights without making me throw up!

What do you have on your bucket list that stretches your boundaries and takes you out of your comfort zone?


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