October and getting back into the full swing of exercise

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As of late I have not been very diligent with my exercise. I’m not saying that I haven’t been going out and riding or using my free weights, but I just haven’t been doing it as much as I would like to get the results I’m looking for. Now every body type is different and I may never achieve the look I’m going for, but I want to see where I can end up by putting forth a little more effort. In October I am going to be putting forth a challenge to myself and hopefully anyone reading this will put together a challenge for themselves to either start exercising or push themselves a bit more. Almost everyone waits till the new year to make a change. Why wait till then to get out there and start doing something.

It’s mid month so you should have plenty of time to try and come up with something to challenge yourself. In the next 2 weeks start off small and just get your body moving so when it come to challenge time your ready. My challenge is going to be to do 5000 pushups, 500 miles on my road bike, 50 miles running, and 5 hours planking in the month of October. This will be an average of 161 pushups, 16 miles biking, 1.6 miles running, and 10 minutes planking each day. I feel confident that I could achieve all but the running. I’m not much of a runner so this will be a good challenge. I will also be doing my normal weight lifting a few times a week also. I have been doing a few rides here and there and been doing about 50 pushups a day to prepare for the start of the challenge. I plan to do a few short runs before October to prepare for the 50 miles.

I have a bike computer that will track my riding miles for the month. I will be using my phones GPS to track my runs. A timer for the planking sessions and a tally board for counting where I am in pushups. I will do a weekly update in October so you can follow along with how I’m doing in my challenge.

Feel free to share your challenges by posting a comment to this post. Good luck to anyone who puts forth a challenge to themselves.

4 thoughts on “October and getting back into the full swing of exercise

  1. Good luck with your challenge. I just purchased a recumbent exercise bike to help me with getting enough exercise, especially in the snowy winter months. Wish me luck!

    • Good luck with the exercise bike. Have you made a plan and how your going to go about exercising? How many days a week, minutes per day, or intensity? Are you planning on incorporating any other exercises?

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