One heck of a tasty sandwich! Psst is vegan, but I won’t tell if you don’t :) Enjoy

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We went on a kayaking trip down the Noyo river when we were in Fort Bragg and I was looking to get my eat on since we were going to be gone for a few hours. I decided on a sandwich with extras (I love to eat!). I have used many of these items in a sandwich before and have been working on getting a better taste each time. I believe I am happy with how this one turned out. Making the whole meal took about 25 minutes.

I start by turning on the oven to 400 degrees and adding a piece of wrapped corn in. I then set the timer for 8 minutes and get started on gathering up my goodies. The next thing in the oven is the onion rings for 8 minutes. After that comes the bacon for 4 minutes and flip rings. Then 4 minutes later flip bacon and add artichoke hearts and pepperoncini for 2 minutes then pop in bread and roast beef slices for the last 2 minutes. During the last few minutes I rinse and cut up my nectarine and kiwi and grab a couple of carrots.0901161158_resized

Ding time is up. Time to build the sandwich. I place one piece of bread down and add some chipotle mayo to it. Next comes the spinach, followed by a couple of slices of roast beef, then artichoke hearts and bacon. Oh man am I getting hungry for this sandwich. Okay on to the pepperoncini, onion rings, more roast beef, some avocado, a little more spinach and the other piece of seeded bread with a little more of the tasty chipotle mayo on it to finish the sandwich. I place the corn on the plate with everything else and I’m ready to dig in before our trip down the river. Oh and I have my probiotic shot for digestive help.

3 thoughts on “One heck of a tasty sandwich! Psst is vegan, but I won’t tell if you don’t :) Enjoy

    • I’m not going to say its been a breeze keeping up with the plant-based, as temptation sets in every once and a while. Especially during trying times or when your just to tired to make something and it would be so easy to pick up some of the old foods I used to eat. It’s not always easy to find the vegan foods I buy, but as I incorporate more veggie dishes to my way of eating it is getting a little easier.

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