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Piff the Magic Dragon and other Las Vegas activities

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This week has been kind of horrific for me in many ways. I attended a conference Sunday through Tuesday. On the last day, I had a completely awful time for reasons I won’t discuss at this point, but may go into some other time. But then last night we saw Piff the Magic Dragon’s show at the Flamingo, and all those problems just melted away.


I don’t watch America’s Got Talent. Ryan does, and he showed me a few clips, so when he suggested we go I agreed because it looked like it would be a good act. I actually completely underestimated how funny he would be.

Piff had me doubled over laughing for most of the show.

Along with most of the rest of the audience. Ryan, who is usually stoic even when he enjoys a show, was visibly having a great time. And wha surprised me the most was how genuinely nice Piff seemed. I haven’t been up-close to many celebrities, but this guy just seemed like a real person.

Piff took the time after the show for people to meet him and Mr. Piffles and his two assistants for the show (who ring up any merchandise you buy personally). He does free pictures and autographs and lets you hold Mr. Piffles (which of course I was thrilled about). And by the way, the minstrel and the showgirl are equally funny and nice people! I also enjoyed the intimate setting. It was a very small theater, and it allowed the experience to be more interactive (and not in an awkward, forced way either). It was just funny, and exactly what I needed.

My favorite thing about Las Vegas is the accessibility of the shows.

Living near San Francisco, lots of things come through town but you may not be able to see them due to timing, expense, etc. And then they’re gone. Las Vegas offers many different types of shows and in all price ranges.


Something that Ryan and I have also a few times are the Half-Price Ticket booths. It’s pretty amazing. First, we’ll go online and try to find the best prices for tickets. Then we stop by one of the booths and the prices are cheaper every time. You pay them, they give you a voucher and then you go to the show’s box office and collect your tickets. While it does require an extra stop, it is completely worth it for the money you save. For example, the cheapest price we found online was $70 per person. At Half-Price Tickets we paid $48 each. I think full price is around $78.

There are many shows out there. You can spend $10 or hundreds. There is something for everyone, and many of them don’t require advance planning (if you’re willing to accept whatever seating is left).

We also have a car this week and part of next week.

We don’t really like having a car for the most part. Cars require sitting in traffic and finding parking. And if you think having a car in Las Vegas prevents you from getting any exercise, think again. Even if you were to drive to each spot, walk around and then walk back to your car after visiting each casino, you still will be walking a LOT.

The only reason I wanted a car this week was for transportation to and from my conference. The conference happened at Planet Hollywood, which is on The Strip. It’s also more than 10 miles from where we’re staying. Even if I felt safe taking my bike to that area (which I don’t), I’m not going to do it in business casual clothing. Taking the bus would be 90 minutes each way. Taking the car takes 22 minutes and is cheaper than a taxi/Uber/Lyft round-trip. Plus, I am getting reimbursed for the days of the conference.

las vegas desert sky

Beautiful sunset after an all-day thunderstorm and rain

It also rained two of the three days, which would have been even less comfortable for public transportation.

Regarding walking: parking for Planet Hollywood is free in their garage. In order to get to the conference center, you have to walk through the Miracle Mile Shops (probably close to a mile, I’m guessing by the name), into the casino and then upstairs to the conference area. The alternative is driving up and using the valet, which would mean simply walking through the hotel lobby and then up two escalators to the conference rooms. That would still be at least 1/4 mile in each direction. Wearing comfortable shoes is key.

The Mat Franco show and other things we’ve done
Mat Franco America's Got Talent Linq Las Vegas magician the strip

Mat Franco’s theater at the Linq

Mat Franco is another magician and a previous winner of America’s Got Talent. His show is located at the Linq. He is very, very smooth with his tricks. It’s also a small theater, but larger than Piff’s.

He has some dramatic moments in his act. He’s not nearly as funny as Piff, though. And I would say he is quite the actor and performer. At one point, he was standing by our table and looked Ryan right in the eye for several seconds. As I mentioned, Ryan can be somewhat stoic while watching a show and I think Mat sensed this, as being observant has to be part of his skill set. So when he did his performance, I felt like maybe he was making a point to Ryan that he should be impressed! LOL. It was an impressive trick. Of the two shows, I liked Piff’s better (and not just because his dog is in the act). =)

We also have gone out to eat and made some food at home. Just a quick reminder: our Instagram account is bikecookexplore. If you don’t follow us on there, you are likely missing out on a lot of photos that it doesn’t always make sense to incorporate into a blog post. But regardless, here is some food we’ve eaten lately:

I have some more news and more stories, pictures and videos, but I think that’s enough for one day. What are some of your Las Vegas stories? Favorite shows or places to visit?

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