Poker Night Woo-hoo!

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So we left Coalinga on Saturday instead of Sunday which we had paid up through so we could get cut our trip in half on are way to our next week stay in a place called Newberry Springs. Even though we left a day early we still saved like $20 or $30 if we had paid for 6 straight days. Our stopover was in Bakersfield which made our next day travel only 147 miles which was far better than the 244 we were going to have to do. It was also nice cause we needed to pick up a bunch of groceries as the really isn’t more around where we are now. Also we had to pick up a couple 30 pound bags of dog food for our boys and that’s not easy to grab and bring back with your bike =). So we left Coalinga hit up a few stores, loaded our fridge and arrived at Orange Grove RV park in Bakersfield.

When we got there I walked over to the office to register for our site and out front they had a billboard with a posting of a poker game on Saturday at 6:30. I quickly tried to recall what day it was and was happy to recall that today was Saturday. Oh how I love me some poker. After checking in and getting settled in our spot I mentioned to Maya that they had a card game tonight and she was cool with me playing. I was actually not intending to go cause I figured we would just hang out that night, but she ended up taking a nap and was still kind of sleeping when 6:30 was rolling around so I softly mentioned to her that I was going to head out and play.

So apparently this park hosts a friendly game almost every Saturday at 6:30 with the long term tenants and their friends and family. Anybody is welcome and they play a friendly tournament with a little $20 dollar buy in. The top 3 take home the money and they said the game usually last about 3 hours. I was more than happy to play and the $20 dollar buy in was like paying for a movie so no big deal. I just love sitting at a table playing cards and wasn’t even thinking about winning any money.

There were I think 14 players and everyone was very friendly. The game ended up lasting till about 9:45 which was just over 3 hours like they said. At the start of the game I couldn’t seem to catch a decent hand to save my life. I think the best hand I saw was Jack 3 suited for the first 25 minutes. I am a patient player and was waiting for my spot. I ended up getting a nice hand and put about half my chips in from the pre flop and into the flop, but quickly found out I no longer had the best hand when I was re-raised. I folded knowing I was in trouble and go to fold as I was shown 2 pair Aces and 10’s. Now I really needed to be selective as I’m down half my chips.

I was put to the test twice, once by limping in with a strong pocket pair and then being re-raised on the flop and having to call nearly all my chips hoping that the player didn’t catch 2 pair on the flop and the other time by a battle of the blinds when I flopped middle pair and called down to the river where the player pushed all-in and I had to make the call if he was bluffing or my middle pair was good. Luckily both times I made the right call winning the pots. With a renewed chip stack and having knocked out a couple players had lasted long enough to make the final table of 6. I with a little more patient playing I was able to make it to heads up play. Unfortunately when I got to heads up I was up against a stack that was I think 5 or 6 times that of my chips and was not able to overcome that big of a chip deficit. I ended up finishing in second place and was rewarded with $80. Not bad when I was just happy to be playing the game.

Anyone traveling through Bakersfield in an RV on Saturday stop on by the Orange Grove RV Park. The spaces are nestled between orange trees and the sites are pretty level and wide. Plus you get the added bonus of being able to play some cards with a nice group of people who are more than happy to have you around.

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