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Quartzsite RV Show in Quartzsite, Arizona

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As seems par for the course for the past few months, we left the Fountain of Youth early because of an incoming storm. We could have also delayed a few days, but we wanted to visit the Quartzsite RV Show on a weekend when I wasn’t working.

quartzsite rv show

Quartzsite RV Show

We arrived in Quartzsite Sunday morning. Luckily, we found parking at a very busy truck stop only 1.5 miles from the show. We got permission to park at the truck stop and walked over.

quartzsite rv show

Apologies for dots of rain on the window!

It was a nice day–mostly cloudy, and not too warm. A recent storm was just clearing up. It was good weather for walking without getting overheated.

We’d never been to the Quartzsite RV Show before. We found out it was happening around the time we planned to start our trip so we worked it into our plans. Supposedly Quartzsite’s population increases exponentially during the show. There is a lot of BLM land around town (public land that you can camp on for free), and it looked very full of RVs. There was also a lot of traffic around the show and not much parking, so we were glad walki in.

The RV Show itself has a lot to see. There is the “big tent” which houses most of the vendors, although there are many outside surrounding the tent as well. There are RV-related items, but many things could be used by non-RVers as well: kitchen gadgets, folding electric scooters, outdoor furniture, hot tubs, etc.

The most intriguing booths for us were the workcamping booths. Workcamping is working at a state, national or private campground in exchange for either a free/discounted campsite, money, or both. You can even camp at RV parks attached to amusement parks and work at the amusement park! Ryan and I have never workcamped before and it was interesting to see what options might be available. It’s something we will definitely consider in the future, but for this summer we have other plans that we’re working on.

We love to look at RVs!

Besides the vendors there are, of course, RVs for sale. There was only one RV dealer at the show (Paul Evert’s RV Country). I think they had about 200 RVs there. This was surprising, considering what a big show it is. We’ve been to dealerships that had more than 200 RVs on their lot on any given day.

Because we went looking for our next home, and we only want a small motorhome, there were only a few choices. Some of them seemed like pretty good options, but not quite right for us now.

If you’re looking to buy an RV, it might be a good idea to buy one from a show because you can probably get a good deal. These RVs may have traveled hundreds of miles to get to the show. It was probably very expensive to transport them, and the dealership would prefer not to have to return with them. Therefore they are likely to work a discount for you.

We spoke to a few salespeople and they were all ready to find out what the best, lowest price could be for us. Without us even asking they were offering numbers lower than the already-discounted prices listed on the sales sheets.

If you have an RV to trade, it’s probably not preferred by the dealer to do so at a show (because then they have another rig to return to their lot). But they may do it if you can offer them the right price and the RV you have is something they think they could even sell while still at the show.

A word of caution about RV buying at an RV show

Something to keep in mind about RVs from shows: they are going to see a lot more wear and tear than other RVs that stay on the lot. If hundreds of thousands of people visit the show, chances are many of them are going to traipse through the RV you’re looking at, fiddle with and likely break things. So any purchase should be thoroughly investigated beforehand and the cost of repairs taken into account.

Even when we’re not ready to buy another RV, we love going to the shows and seeing what else is out there. So even though we didn’t find what we wanted, we still enjoyed seeing floor plans and options we hadn’t looked at yet. We’re glad we made it to the Quartzsite RV Show so we could experience it for ourselves.

We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that the video of the tours was 25 minutes long. I split it into three parts. You’ll hear our comments from our perspective of being RV owners  and dwellers for over 6 years.

Even if you don’t wan to buy an RV, you might want to go visit a show just for fun so you can get a peek at what the mobile life looks like in person.

Next up, I’ll talk about the rest of our journey through Arizona and New Mexico. I have some catching up to do!

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15 thoughts on “Quartzsite RV Show in Quartzsite, Arizona

  1. I love visiting RV shows and doing tours too! I haven’t been to Quartzsite yet, but it’s in my list. This year all of our travel is on the East Coast, so hopefully next year.

  2. I always watch the RV show’s on T.V. but never actually been to one. I always consider packing my apartment and buy a R.V. but the spouse said not yet. The only thing I think keeps the spouse on edge is the weather and an emergency plan in case for bad weather.

    What advice would you give us about how to plan for the weather?

    • I have a weather app on my phone that gives me severe weather alerts, and I check the weather a few times a day when we’re traveling or getting ready to move. We’ve gotten stuck out in some bad weather and it turned out fine. I think the most important thing would be to have a generator so you still have power even if you’re plugged in somewhere and the power goes out.

      That’s the great thing about traveling in your home; you can be flexible with your plans. Be willing to leave sooner or delay your departure if the weather looks bad. Be willing to drive slower. Look for alternate routes.

    • Hi Danielle, they have all sorts of vendors at the shows. Some of the larger shows may have rental places but some are put on by a dealership who does not do rentals, and would be unlikely to have rental information because they want to sell to you.

    • Helen, you could always try renting first! Or maybe borrowing one from someone you know. My husband was worried about it too but he’s had no problems at all.

  3. I want to go t Arizona so bad! It just looks so pretty there. I kidd with my fiance all the time that we should get a rv and just take off …. maybe one day.

    • Don’t give up on the idea! More and more people are doing it long before retirement. They even bring their kids along and homeschool them.

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