Quick and easy, plus healthy lunch or dinner

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This meal only uses 4 things. I already had brown rice on hand which I cooked in the instapot. I have a bunch of this made up ahead of time as I am always using rice in dishes. I started this dish off by sautéing a bag of mixed stir fry veggies in a pan. Once the veggies are mostly cooked I added 4  meatless meatballs. The meatballs come frozen, but I thawed them before starting to save time. Once in the pan I chopped the meatballs into smaller pieces to better flavor the dish so you get a piece with each bite. I then turned down the heat to low and add about 3 cups of the cooked rice. Mix together and add the Bragg’s Aminos to your taste. This makes about 3 servings depending on how much you eat.0913161239_resized

Nutrition fact per serving: cals 333, fat 5g, sat fat .5g, poly fat 1.5g, mono fat 2.5g, sodium 310mg (more or less depending on amount of Bragg’s used. I used just under 1 1/2 tbls.), carbs 60g, fiber 8.5g, sugar 6g, protein 13g

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