RV upgrades: Removing decals and refinishing fiberglass

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Removing old RV decals is a long process, but it doesn’t cost $10,000 if you do it yourself.

When we first received a quote to have the white part (above the tan compartment doors) of our RV repainted (as well as having the decals removed), we were quoted $10,000. Since that is more than half of the current market value of the RV, there was no way we were paying that!

Next, we asked how much it would be to have it repainted if we removed the decals ourselves first. That would “only” be $5000.

This is very labor-intensive work and is taking us a long, long time. However, I think it looks pretty darn good. And this is all we’ve had to buy:

  • corded drill (about $50)
  • Whizzy Wheel (about $20)
  • wood chisel ($8)
  • orbital electric sander ($80)
  • lots and lots of sandpaper (about $50)

The only other cost was a lot of free time (and we’re still not done). But I’ll give you a glimpse of what we’ve done so far."<yoastmark


This is just an overview–I’ll do a full post on the finished product when we’re done, with before and after pictures. The picture on the left shows the decals in their original state, which was not pretty.

The picture on the right shows a middle stage, where the decals are stripped. A lot of the oxidation is removed and the wall is a uniform white. There were 3 sets of stripes along here: 2 like the picture on the left plus one along the top. All gone!



OK, that’s all you get for now! =)

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