Restaurant Review: Boo Koo, Mill Valley, California

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I liked that everything was labelled as vegan, gluten-free, etc. The food was good according to others at my table. My dish, the GCN, was just ok. I might go back if I was in the area and nothing else was open based on the food.

However, I will not return because of the poor service. We left our name with the hostess and were told a table would be ready for us in 10 minutes. It was more like 30 minutes. Meanwhile, people who arrived after us were seated first–even though they had the same number of people in their party.

The woman who came to take our order was the only server in the restaurant. She was very impatient, kept trying to leave in the middle of taking our order, and she was not friendly at all. Additionally, my 4 year-old niece and 2 year-old nephew were with us, and very hungry. My brother asked if she could bring the kids’ meals out as soon as possible, and they were served last! They said it was because they were still cooking the chicken nuggets. Well, maybe you shouldn’t have given them to the party you served ahead of us, even though we were there first!

We were seated near the bar, and the server came by frequently to pick up drinks from the bar but never checked on us or gave us updates on the food. It took a very long time to get our food. My starving niece even asked her “When is the food coming?” and she just fake-smiled at her and walked away. I don’t care whether you’re having a bad day or your job sucks, don’t take it out on a child!

The only nice person there was the hostess, who actually answered my niece’s question and let her know the food was up on the counter. She was also helping to deliver food and drinks to the tables, and brought it over herself when the server didn’t seem to notice it was there.


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Boo Koo, Mill Valley, California

  1. Boo Koo is not so much. I’m enraged that my grandchildren were not served quickly or politely. I bet that other party were friends or regulars.

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