Riding the Shark in Seaside, Oregon

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After visiting the aquarium in Newport, we continued along to our new home for the week: Seaside, Oregon.

Seaside is a little town on the coast, but it has a lot of things to see packed into such a little place. There is a Safeway (appears to be the requisite grocery store along the coast), a movie theater, an outlet mall, even helicopter rides!

The park we stayed at was called Venice RV Park. The park is right on 101, so it’s pretty loud there. We had to close all our windows at night. The sites are fairly level, and they are pull-throughs that will fit just about anything (I think they are at least 70 feet long). However, they are super narrow.

They gave us one spot that barely had room for us to open our slide. But the power box was broken, so we had to move to a new spot that didn’t have room for our slide to open (luckily, we can access our whole coach with the slide closed). However, when we plugged in (thankfully with our surge protector), the fuse blew on that box as well and they had to re-set it at the main box. It was raining when we arrived, and there was a huge puddle underneath the box (which is very low to the ground), so we had to use one of those sewer hose holder thingies to keep the line off the ground. Otherwise the place where the surge protector was plugged into our shore power cord would have been sitting underwater.

Stepping out of our RV meant stepping into the lot next to ours. Luckily, for most of the time we were there it wasn’t occupied by anything other than an occasional car and a pallet. I joked with Ryan that we at least had access to a deck. ; p

As for the rest of the park, it isn’t much to look at. There are a lot of things that need work. There is a pet area, but it’s like walking through a mine field of poop. There is a laundry room, but a long-time tenant told us that a part in the dryer tended to rip up people’s clothes. There are a lot of weeds, and broken-down buildings, and broken-down RVs. It’s kind of sad.

Pluses: Management is nice, and so is the tenant who helps you park (it’s ideal to have 2 people plus the driver) in those tiny little spaces. Prices are ok. The location is convenient to Seaside attractions and within just a few minutes’ walk there is a hair salon, a veterinarian, a gym, coffee shop and a restaurant. And if you come to that area during the fishing season (July) without planning your reservation way in advance, you are likely to be able to get a spot with them.

As for Seaside itself, besides the above-mentioned attractions there is a downtown area. There is also a pathway next to the beach that runs alongside the whole town called the Promenade. Downtown offers the usual: shops, restaurants and lots of hotels to stay in. Before I started my new diet we went to a Thai restaurant in town called Yellow Curry. I had some fantastic (you guessed it) yellow curry. It probably was not low-FODMAP but I got to enjoy it before I went without garlic (which it probably had) and onions (which I know it had but I didn’t eat).

There are places to rent bicycles, and kayaks and other small boats. There are also a lot of touristy places to visit. One of them is called the Carousel Mall. We’re not huge shoppers, but it does indeed have a carousel in the middle. There is also a HUGE arcade called Fascination Games that Ryan enjoyed while I was busy working. Then there is the Seaside Candyman. The owner stands outside passing out free samples and coupons, and inside it’s pretty crazy. They have 156 flavors of salt water taffy, plus other types of candies and desserts. Along the Promenade you can also find an aquarium which we did not check out, but there is supposed to be a giant octopus there and visitors can feed seals themselves.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad week. It actually got quite sunny most days. One night at about 7:00 at night the clouds cleared away and it felt HOT.

Oh, there’s one other place I forgot to mention: a shop called Sharky’s. They have t-shirts and hats and maybe some other stuff, and they do some screen printing. Aaaaand, they have a shark ride. Enjoy!



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  1. The Shark Ride seemed innocent at first but since Ryan couldn’t stay on, it must have been tough. It looked like great fun, even the falling off part. Love, Mom

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