Do you have an RV Dream?

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If you’re following this blog, you must have at least some interest in RVing. If it crossed your mind that you might want to try RVing yourself, what’s holding you back? What’s your RV dream?

You know you can ask us any questions you have about the lifestyle. And I try to be as honest as possible about our lives on the blog. I don’t want anyone to think RVing full-time is just one long vacation.

But we’re only one perspective.

What if you had access to a panel of 20 RV experts about lots of different topics about the life for free?

When I was approached by Melissa Dafnis for an interview that would be shared with potential RVers to help them learn more about the RV lifestyle, I was thrilled. We love living in an RV so much. We don’t have any plans to live in a sticks-and-bricks house again, ever. So why wouldn’t we want to share valuable information with at many people as possible?

The interview series is called Your RV Dream: Discover the Lifestyle, Make Money While You Travel, and Live a Life of Freedom and Adventure”  and Melissa, a fellow RVer, is the host. She put together a lineup of experienced travelers and asked them every question you might want to know, such as:

  • What the RV Lifestyle is Really Like,
  • Why This Is A Great Lifestyle, whether you do it full-time or part-time
  • How Easy and Affordable It Can Be,
  • How To Choose the Right RV for You,
  • The Many Ways There Are to Make Money While You Travel,
  • How To Include Children and Pets, and
  • Live a Life of Freedom, Travel, Exploration, and Adventure

You can sign up for free access to the recordings (each one is only about 30 minutes long) and also get a bonus PDF from Melissa, Wanna Live Your RV Dream?  Avoid These 5 Mistakes! The Keys to Saving Money, Time, and Effort.


Free access to a panel of over 20 RV experts with topics like: how to buy the right RV for you; how to travel with kids or pets; how to make money while traveling, and what it's really like to live in an RV! You'll also get access to a free PDF, "Wanna Live Your RV Dream? Avoid These 5 Mistakes! The Keys to Saving Money, Time, and Effort."

Register Here for the Summit & Free Report!

The summit begins Monday, May 8th and includes some of the RVers that helped us learn about travelling full-time. I’m so honored and excited to be part of this group! If you’re thinking about buying an RV for either part-time or full-time travel, you do not want to miss the opportunity to hear what these experts have to say.

Check out the page for the speakers list and to reserve your virtual seat for the summit! Your RV Dream

If it crossed your mind that you might want to try RVing yourself, what's holding you back? What's your RV dream?

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