Update for Ryan’s workout challenge

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Well I have unfortunately had some pain in my knees the last 4 days and have not done any riding or running. I am going to be going on a ride tomorrow and I will see how it goes. I think I will still hold off on the running for a few more days even if tomorrow goes well so not to push it to much. I am at 6 miles running and 50 miles biking.

Even with the problem with my knees I have still been trying to keep up with my core and upper body workouts. I have racked up 1,250 pushups so far and just over an hour total on planking. I am currently behind on my goal, but still feel confident in being able to finish by the end of the month. I hope that everything is going well for all who put together a challenge for themselves and best of luck to you. Remember just starting a challenge your all ready ahead of where you were and should be proud of yourself.

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