Visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Aquarium Village in Newport, Oregon

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After spending a few days in North Bend, we headed north along the coast to our next stop (Seaside, Oregon). It’s over 200 miles along Highway 101–and 200 miles is usually our limit for a single day’s trip. While beautiful, the drive continued to have lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. So we decided to stop along the way in Newport and check out the aquarium.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium sits right on the coast. There are animals and exhibits both indoors and outside, and the weather was great.

Ryan filmed pretty much everything–it was hard to choose, but in the interest of not having you watch a 20-minute video I picked some shots. There were also a lot of educational exhibits that were great for kids or anyone wanting to learn more about the ocean and ecosystem within it.

After visiting the aquarium, we walked down the street to Aquarium Village. This is a very cute and colorful set of shops, restaurants and some play areas for kids. We made a video tour of this area as well.

2 thoughts on “Visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Aquarium Village in Newport, Oregon

  1. Kudos to Ryan for the fantastic video and what a beautiful place. The Aquarium Village is so cute. I noticed a long strip of land to the northwest of Newport. Will you be exploring it?

    • Mom, have patience! =) We are already far north of Newport. I’m posting right now about the next stop, but we’ve already left there too. Please keep in mind that we are behind on posts, and I will not post about our current place until we leave.

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