We didn’t die from our brake job at Les Schwab…and connect with us on Facebook!

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Our brakes are fixed (We think. We hope)!! But we’re still in Crescent City, because we’re so tired.

I’m going to keep this short because I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of all the gory details.

The assistant manager, Chase, personally handled our repair. He installed the new caliper, very thoroughly testing and bled the brakes, and that got rid of the parking light being stuck on. There was also a clicking sound that had been occurring every time we touched the brakes. He discovered that the clicking was caused by what he called the “parking lock switch.” Basically, the vehicle will not allow you to put it into gear unless the brake pedal is engaged. This switch that was making the clicking noise was telling the transmission that the pedal is depressed and therefore unlocking the gear shifter. After fiddling with the switch for a few minutes, Chase was able to get it to stop making the clicking sound. He hypothesized that the clicking occurred in the first place because I had to push the pedal down further than it had ever gone before, and a rubber gasket that was likely muffling the sound before got dislodged. By messing with it, it seems like it went back into place, but there’s no telling whether it will start up again. However, he reassured us that it had nothing to do with the performance of the brakes.

After fixing all our issues Ryan took the dogs outside to wait while Chase took me on a test drive (we only have so many seat belts, and didn’t want the dogs to distract him).  He explained to us that a test drive is normally done as part of a brake job. This was definitely missed. It was a little nerve-wracking for me, because even though Chase seemed very careful, we were getting up to freeway speeds and I didn’t know for certain what would happen. Chase offered to let me drive to ensure I felt comfortable with the testing, but I’d already testing them while we were at the shop and didn’t feel like doing any driving right then. I could tell the brakes were responding to him.

We left the shop with what I felt were his sincere apologies and a lot more confidence in the quality of his work than in Marlin’s. He also wanted to discuss some compensation with us, but I was too exhausted to talk about it and so we told him we needed some time. However, we did make it very clear that we felt our lives were in danger (and potentially anyone else’s around us) and that we wanted the matter taken very seriously to ensure something like this did not happen to anyone else. As an aside, when we first arrived and Ryan went into the office to let them know we had arrived, another customer was in to complain that someone had installed the new shocks on his car “backwards.” Oy vey. Anyway, it was after 3:00 by the time the repair and test drive were over, so we decided to check back in to the park we stayed at last night. Now, on to lighter subjects…

Our blog is now on Facebook.

This post will be the first one to show up on our new page! But we are new to Facebook (neither of us has a personal account), and please keep in mind this page is for our blog. While I was required to create a personal account in order to make a Facebook page for the blog, I do not intend to use the personal account. As I’m entirely unfamiliar with Facebook these days, please be patient as I learn the ropes. But if you want to join us there, besides the blog posts I intend to also do shorter posts, pictures, and videos…things that are easier to digest than a whole blog topic.

You can visit our page here.

And thanks for following along with the brake repair mini-drama. It probably wasn’t a lot of fun to read (unless you like drama!) but it’s over, we’re safe, and we plan on attempting to get out of town tomorrow so we can start heading back to the bay area.

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