We made it to Las Vegas!

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Oh, thank goodness. We’re all settled in and can breathe a sigh of relief. We spent the last week in Nowheresland and thought it would be a nice, quiet place to coast through and rest up until we did the last leg of the trip. But life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

The first day we arrived in Newberry Springs, it was really hot. They have two ponds there that are stocked with fish and they allow dogs to swim in them. The dogs loved it (you can see the video here or down below), and it was a promising start to the week. Our site was nice, too. It was on the end, so we only had neighbors on one side, but that site was empty. It was large and had shade trees and a picnic table. I worked outside a couple of mornings before the day got too warm.

But then I noticed that the office manager’s dog would walk around, unleashed, in the morning and take a dump everywhere, including our site. She didn’t pick it up, and there was evidence that this had been going on for quite some time. It was in the park rules that we received that dogs should be picked up after, but that apparently didn’t apply to her. It was irritating, but unfortunately a typical thing that we see at parks, and therefore not a huge problem.

And then, during the week there was a huge dust storm. The winds got up to 40 miles per hour with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. The nice shade trees, which hadn’t been touching our RV, were now banging and scratching on the rig. In the middle of the storm Ryan had to go outside, unhook us, direct me in pulling forward and then plug us back in. We also kept our slide-out pulled in to avoid having our slide topper ripped to shreds. We both took the dogs out that evening, so my lungs didn’t feel so bad but Ryan got a huge dose of dust. He still doesn’t feel entirely well.

Then it was time to dump our tanks and we discovered that the park’s sewer system had a blockage. The hard way. We tried told the manager and tried to wait for the owner to show up but he never did, so we asked to move to a different site, on a different sewer system, so we could dump our tanks.

Since we were moving anyway we decided to take a trip and do the night tour for Calico Ghost Town. I’ll do a separate post about that later, but unfortunately some people on the tour were wearing perfume and cologne and one was smoking an e-cigarette. I used to enjoy wearing perfume years ago, but at some point my body decided I was allergic and started breaking out in hives and making me congested if I wore any. At this point that still happens, but now I get a migraine from strong smells and smoke. So I spent about half of the tour partially interested but mostly wanting to leave.

I tried all my tricks but couldn’t get rid of the migraine. I woke up the next morning, still with a headache, and now nauseous as well, and of course it was our travel day. I usually drive the first half but that wasn’t going to happen. I’d taken medicine and on top of feeling sick it makes me drowsy. Ryan graciously waited until I felt like I wouldn’t vomit from the travel and we hit the road with him driving.

There were high winds along the trip. And the last time we drove through, which was in May instead of September. And the time before that, which was in January. They were up to 25 miles per hour this time, with poor Ryan doing 150 miles all by himself. I tried to sleep off my symptoms, but we were being buffeted back and forth so much that closing my eyes made me more nauseous. The ginger ale and Sea Bands were not sufficient.

By the time we reached Primm (only 60 miles before our destination), I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to not be in a moving vehicle and try to eat something. There’s a large cluster of casinos, shops, and gas stations there, so we found a place to park and went inside one of them. There we found a Denny’s where I ordered some fries, and a La Salsa, where I ordered a taco salad. Refried beans and guacamole included even though I haven’t tested pinto beans or avocado yet. Oh, and tons of salsa, with garlic and onion listed as ingredients on each one. Cross-contamination and diet restrictions be damned, I was throwing all caution to the wind in the name of using fatty, greasy, salty food to calm my stomach.

And it worked. My stomach felt almost completely better and the headache was pretty much gone. I hate that it works, because I feel like I’m a slave to some primal directive that says to eat a bunch of fatty, junky food because I don’t know when my next meal is coming. I want to be above that, but of course if that ever gets evolutionized out of humans it’s going to be long after I’m gone. At least it allowed me to make the rest of the trip in relative comfort.

We arrived at the park we picked and filled out the rental application for our month-long stay. We knew that we might not be allowed to be a monthly visitor due to the age of our RV, but they approved us. We also like this park because they have a 24-hour guard at the gate, high fences, patrolling security, lots of rules and those rules appear to be ENFORCED. The park is clean and well-maintained looking.

After setting up, I took a little nap and woke up feeling almost human. My friend Christa came over and hung out for a bit. After she left we walked over to Sam’s Town, which is about half a mile away. I ate some more french fries (sweet potato this time) and we noted that this casino has a bowling alley and movie theater.

As we were leaving, Ryan glanced to his left and decided to put a dollar (a single bet) into a slot machine. He always has me pull the lever (I like that better than the ones that only have buttons) and three 7s came up. We both stared at the machine in disbelief. I’ve never even seen three 7s on a slot machine outside of a movie. We waited for something to happen, but nothing did. Then Ryan looked up at the guide at the top of the screen and discovered that BAR pays out on the first bet, but three 7s only pays out on the second or third bet! Sigh. Of course he had to move to another slot machine and put another dollar in (read the instructions first), but the magic was gone and so off we went.

Back at the park there was just enough time to sit in the hot tub and soak our tired muscles. This made for easy sleeping. All in all, despite the kinks, it as a good day.

Today, I am off work (which is why I’m posting in the morning on a weekday). I planned to do this in advance to catch my breath from all we’ve been doing lately. We’re going to have a nice easy day of exploring, and definitely some grocery shopping. Tomorrow, it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming, but as there is much to do and see here we will likely have frequent posts.

And now, I’ll leave you with a video of our precious boys, having some splashy fun.

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  1. A happy ending to a not-so-happy experience. Say hi to Christa for me I (if she’s the friend that I know.) Is Adam in that neighborhood also? So glad you were able to fend off that migraine. Love to all, Mom

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