What it costs to live in an RV in Redding, California

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Even with all the RV repairs, we were definitely ahead of the curve staying in Redding in June!

Rent and Utilities:

We spent $395 for one month’s rent. Our electricity deposit was $75; with it being so hot, we owed another $75 for electricity and an additional night’s stay (all utilities are included on the nightly rates). We didn’t buy any propane in June. We also spent $86 for spending the day at the motel next door to the first smog repair shop, which I am not going to include in my rent total. Total: $545 + $86


We spent $557 on groceries and $209 at restaurants (see this post for which restaurants we visited). Total: $766.

RV Maintenance and Repairs:

While in town, Ryan replaced the kitchen faucet. We bought the faucet a long time ago, but hadn’t gotten around to changing it out. We needed some extra parts because the water lines didn’t attach properly. Unfortunately, Ryan had to go to the hardware store three times, because he wasn’t given the correct attachments. We spent $48.69 on parts and supplies. We had a failed smog test, 2 repair shop visits and a smog certificate for a total cost of $539.63. Total: $588.32.


We spent $73 on gas for the RV and the rental car we took to Lake Shasta. The rental car cost $51.85–I’m probably going to chalk that up to entertainment because it was mostly for that reason. Ryan and I also each opened accounts with Uber and each got our first ride for free. I took mine to the Pedego shop to pick up my bike and Ryan took his to get a ride home from dropping off the rental car. No extra costs there. Total: $73.


It cost $52 for the two of us to visit Lake Shasta Caverns, plus the $51.85 for the rental car to get there (and do grocery and other shopping). Total: $103.85.



Total Expenditure on Food, Utilities, Fuel and Rent for June living in Redding: $1414.

I was actually surprised at how high this total is. I chalk it up to 2 things: it was summer, so utilities were high, and we ate out much more than we usually do. Part of that was we were biking around so much that we would become starving while we were out, and couldn’t wait till we got home to eat. Normally, I would take along snacks, but in that heat I’d be worried that anything I brought would be melted or spoiled. I think the heat also didn’t help much with getting hungry, because it takes a lot more energy to ride your bike when it’s 90 degrees than when it’s 60 or 70 degrees. Once we got to the coast, riding our bikes for over an hour didn’t make me nearly as hungry as it seemed to for only 30 minutes in Redding. We’ll see, though, how things shape up over the next few months.

What I am happy about is how much money we were able to NOT spend. Even with the RV repairs, I had the money to put an extra $500 payment toward student loans and $820 into savings. And we still had money to go have some fun and eat out a few times. It may not have been the most exciting month, but it got us closer to our goals. And we’ve had so much excitement in the past week since we left…that post is coming up soon.

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  1. Congratulations on your successful first month on the road. I’ve been wondering if you’re still paying off your student loan. Onward to your next location, right?

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