Oregon Coast

What it costs to travel the Oregon coast in an RV

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Disclaimer: This budget breakdown is based on staying in multiple places, during the peak/more expensive summer month of July, with very little advance planning. If we come to Oregon next year, it will likely be in the spring and we will plan ahead more.

July 1st – 4th

We only arrived in Oregon on July 4th. Prior to that, you may remember we spent our time at 2 different casinos in California, both of which we stayed at for free. We did, however, buy $28 worth of propane during that stay and $53 worth of gas. Dining out cost $79.89 (I was considering this vacation time, so I gave myself a little cooking break) and we purchased only $6.68 in groceries.

July 4th – 9th

We stayed at the Mill Casino in North Bend, Oregon. Park fees were $189.93. We spent $130.58 in groceries (we were pretty low on some staples, and it was Safeway so everything was expensive) and ate out once for a total of $19.98. When we left North Bend we stopped at a gas station and filled up for $116.04.

July 9th – 16th

Our week in Seaside at Venice RV Park cost $189.50 to stay. We bought $92.79 in groceries and ate out for $32.40. Ryan also bought some taffy, but I’m not counting that as actual food. ; P

July 16th – 30th

At Kamper’s West RV Park in Warrenton we paid $456.00 for our 2-week stay and $243.73 for groceries. I don’t have all receipts for restaurant food–when Ryan ate at the food truck in Astoria I think he may have paid cash. So it was $14 plus whatever he spent. We also bought gas for $36.34 and propane for $25.75 before leaving town.

July 30th we left for Portland, so I will include the costs from then on in the Portland segment.

Totals for July:

Rent: $835.43

Utilities: $53.75 for propane.

Groceries: $473.78

Restaurants: $146.27

Gas: $205.38

Grand Total for July: $1714.61

You may have noticed some things are missing in my accounting:

  • I did not include any electricity costs because there weren’t any. When you stay at a park for less than a month, typically the cost of electricity is included.
  • I did not include a breakdown of costs for entertainment other than eating out, as those will certainly be variable based on people’s preferences for activities. Of course, eating out is also variable, but so are groceries. I have those in because everyone needs to eat, so you can at least get an idea of what it costs for the both of us to consume food. I can add those details in regarding our other entertainment for reference if you’re curious.
  • RV maintenance/repair costs. We did a little bit of work, and bought supplies for some upcoming projects, but these were all pretty specific to our RV. This month, we will have some maintenance costs that I will go into when they occur.
Why was it so expensive?
  • We traveled a lot–that takes more fuel
  • We moved around a lot–monthly rates are much cheaper than daily or weekly rates

This was something I knew was coming, but even so I can’t say I’m 100% happy about it. However, even so I put over $600 into savings, plus $400 extra toward student loans. AND we spent $347 going out and having fun (not including restaurants). Overall it was totally worth the experience, and if you compare it to Redding where for a similar cost we were mostly sitting inside away from the heat or taking bike rides in 90+ degree weather, this was much more enriching.

However, we’ve now learned our lesson about how difficult it is to find a place to stay in Oregon during the summer. If/when we come next year, we will likely do things differently.


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