Ziplining at High Life Adventures in Warrenton, Oregon

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What is there to do in a town with only 5000 people? Visit a park, go across the bridge to Astoria…and go on a zip line, of course!

High Life Adventures is a neat little place. Our guides were named Sheena and Jake. They were super friendly and knowledgeable.

The tours start on time and take 1-2 hours depending on how many people are on the tour (because you can only go down each line one at a time). All the gear looked to be in very good condition, they were very informative about the instructions, and even people who seemed nervous had a good time.

We paid $99 per person, and an additional $29 for Ryan to go on the “zwing,” which is a trip down the last zip line on a very long lead. You push away from the platform when you jump off and go swinging back and forth along the line. Ryan was wearing our new camera for the filming of the zwing, and we switched off on the other lines.

Ryan likes to go for the rush. I like to go for the views. We both had fun.

4 thoughts on “Ziplining at High Life Adventures in Warrenton, Oregon

  1. Zip lining has always been one of my dreams. I fell at the SF Zoo watching it. Thanks for doing it for me. My favorite parts were when Ryan got dunked and the “gorilla” welcomed him to land. What kind of camera did you buy? It is great for videos.

    • Mom,
      Ziplining is fun and really easy. You don’t need any special skills or fitness level to do it–just a good facility with knowledgeable guides.
      That was supposed to be bigfoot, lol, and he was supposed to frighten him but it didn’t work. =)
      The camera brand is called Lightdow. It’s 1080P, not too bad!

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